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Bird island, Bird body, And climbing



A new purpose to wings, and a new gene that allows total flight, along with climbing.

Bird island: A terribly steep and jagged island, a medium to large size covered in rocks, burnt/dead trees and blue birds. On the burnt/dead trees will every once in awhile be nests, New nests are also made every 10-25 days. A bare minimum of 5 blue birds is constantly on the island. These birds also look slightly different, and have health, better attack, and the ability to land. Randomly, the birds dive down and attack adult creature/creatures if not enough small prey is caught. All nicheling bones attract these birds, and they swarm it aggressively. Sometimes you'll find blue bird bones too here. Theres plenty of natural nests and stumps everywhere, but little to no grass. Its all rock, sand, and gravel. If you step on gravel your creature gets a slip effect, that does 2 damage. Gravel looks alike to the rock its intermingled with. Bigger creatures take more damage then smaller or medium creatures. Young creatures take little damage unless they have the baby effect, then it becomes a high chance of a predator attacking or spawning.

Bigger creatures: Big body, Heat body, Armored body, Toxic body, Mammoths foot, Hammer tail, Sabretooth fangs, Mega horns (all ice genes) (4 damage)
Medium creatures: Medium body, Water body (2 damage)
Small creatures: Lean body, Velvet paw (1 damage)

Teen creatures: 1 damage
Child creatures: Same effect as twig + 1 damage
Baby creatures: Same effect as twig + 2 damage

The islands creatures are: 
Ram foxes
Mother bearyenas
Baby bearyenas
Killer bearyenas
Wolx (Wolf/Fox)

Wolx is a creature that does 2 turns, has 20 health, does 3 damage an attack, has 2 defence attacks in packs of 3-10 (depends on tribe size, 10 or less creatures will be attack by 5 or less at most.) It has a male, female, and cub form. Cubs are worth 1 food, while adults are worth 6

Now for the islands genes

Bird body: Be attacked by a blue bird 20 times, Steal from a blue bird nest 5 times, be on the island for 50 days (Gives 4 flying when creature has wings, -2 defense, +5 damage when attacking from the sky.)

Bird hind legs: Fly 60 times (+2 damage, +4 damage when attacking from the sky. 2 movement speed, 1 swimming +1 drowning damage.)

Climbing body: Destroy 30 rocks. (Able to climb trees, dead trees, rocks, steep cliff, jungle trees. +3 movement speed +1 climbing, +1 defense, +1 attack, Rocks aren't rendered as in the way either, so just phase on through em lol)
Climbing paw: Climb 70 times (+2 movement speed, +1 swimming)
Prehensile tail: Spend 25 days in any jungle, Spend 30 days on Bird island, Collect 10 times (Allows adult creatures to swing from tree to tree in a 3 tile radius, +1 collecting) 

All genes listed that arent in game are all considered small creatures, along with respective paws.

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I like the idea of having a mountainous terrain that nichelings without flight ability won't be able to access. Although if that happened, people would start wanting mountain goat limbs too. It's be cool to see things like bluebirds resting on rock tips and taking care of their own nests.

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More bird genes would definately be nice to go with the bird genes we already have! Also new island types are always welcome and blue birds doing more things than just swooping down to take babies when no nichelings are beside them would be nice.

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