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Plz give me warrior names

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Locusttail, Minnowfin, Tallstalk, Duskweb, Poppyseed, Ambersnow

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A name with the prefix Feral.

A name with Clover in it.

A name based on a location in the Warriors territory (I used Morikawa for one of mine; forest river)

A name based on a personality trait/achievement that's kind of vague but like idk how else to explain it(One of my cats got named Braveshine after saving her best friend from a fire; brave for her act, shine for the fire)

A name describing the physical features of the cat (Some of mine are Starshine for pelt colour, Dot(kit) for his lil black nose bc the rest of him is white)

Sometimes I use colours to describe the personalities of cats in their names because that's a 'language i speak' in the words of my friend. But that also works. It's also a little story thing because all the outsiders are like "why is your leader naming people after colours that aren't even in your fur" or whatever and then the clan cats are like "We're used to it by now. Something about auras." (The leader's name is Rosenight because she was born at midninght and I associate her with red that isn't quite red but is kind of really reddish pink, and her deputy's name is Glaucous for both the colour and because he's perfectly harmless, and one of the new kits of the clan is Rosenight's neice, and her sister wanted her to help with the name because the father is perfectly dead, so Rose named her Falu)

There's also legacy naming like Leafstar in SkyClan. "Bouncefire" was named after Firestar I'm pretty sure, and Puddleshine was named after hold up their names are too similar was Puddleshine named after Pebbleshine or was Pebbleshine named after Puddleshine? ... One of those two. I just find it cool that she names cats after other cats she looks up to. It says something good about the cats she names, as well. 

And some of your cats names don't have to have a prefix ad a suffix if they're formerly from somewhere outside of the clans. So.

Okay, just researched, Pebbleshine was named after Puddleshine.  


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