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Hugging the Teddy Bearyena

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I’m recovering from my pain, but it still persists. I decided to draw though, it looks bad so far because I’m just trying to get back into digital art, and I’m doing the best I can, I’ll post the finished version later today.

Well that later today became a few days or a week of progress.. I’m so sorry for delaying it but I couldn’t rush the piece with everything going on in life.. so here ya go, this indie artist struggles enough...


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I haven’t gotten this much likes in forever, thanks so much ❤️ I mean.. as long as the honesty is true, I can appreciate your support as I continue to dwell in pain X’D god please someone help....

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1 hour ago, SilverHowl said:

He can be a father, a good husband, and a great protector! This Bearyena is a STEAL for your tribe, he will be very useful for breeding and defences! ❤️


they cute !!!!

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