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1 minute ago, PincerClaw420 said:

Heck yeah, it got released! Im totally signing up after school, wonder how itll work. 

It has really great tutorials, although I need to wait right now 'cause I need the boy from before for both that I have left.

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Just now, PincerClaw420 said:

Urhrgrh all of the colors are so pretty, I have no idea which one to choose... I've narrowed it down to honeydew, howlite, magnolia or skarn but fhnfjffncd

Try looking at this guide here:


I looked at which color group I like best and then choose from there. Maybe also take one that will only be there temporarily? I think they should be listed when you create your wolf.

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Just as a warning: Its winter right now, which lowers the cub's survival chance. If you want your first cubs to have a bigger survival chance then do the New Arrvials Quest tomorrow, when spring starts.

I feel really mean since I had the cubs already, but I have really different goals so if they die I won't be as sad...

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