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This is a way to keep track of who's friends/family with who, but also to add more of a twist.

So basically there's two ways you could play this 1. Control 2. Wild. 

If you play controlled, you have the option to choose who your nicheling makes relationships with and who they consider family, friends, etc. If you play wild, your nicheling will randomly make relationships with other nichelings, but only if they're detectable. So say if you place a nicheling next to another nicheling for a few days. After a while, they'd become friends. The purpose of making friends is to get a special friendship bonus. If someone is sitting next to their friend while picking berries, they might be more motivated and in a better mood because their friend is there. 

Here the basic relations to include -

- Parent (can have 0 to 3 and doesn't have to be birth parents)

- Sibling (while parental bonds are forever, sibling bonds can deteriorate over time apart.)

- Family (another family member)

- Mate (you choose them in both wild and controlled. A huge part of the game is selective breeding)

- Friend (just friend)

- Familiar (can be known by scent or sight. Nothing more than an acquaintance)

- Stranger (new nicheling that your nicheling has never encountered before)

Also another idea I just had - you would also be able to group and name tribes. Ok say you want two tribes on one island. A nicheling from one tribe can't just make friends with the other tribe like they could any nicheling. There would have to have some indication that they're in separate tribes.

The purpose of this is mainly to add a bit of a twist when things get a little boring. But if you don't want a twist, then that's what controlled is for. Thank and HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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On 11/9/2020 at 11:07 PM, Sky said:

I love it! the only problem is that sometimes you gotta inbreed, even with siblings (and in drastic measure, even parent to child...)

They could be both at once I suppose, or maybe for them to develop mate bond they have to breed with the same nicheling multiple times and also be near them alot, and maybe they'd only get mate bond if they only bred with that ccreature and not another creature, so you could still breed with multiple different creatures if neccesary but wouldn't get the extra bonus. Also, the bonus should be something tangible and worthwhile like chance to gather more than ability when gathering or higher chance of doing something their abilities dont allow like higher chance of digging root even if u dont have anything to dig roots or maybe even an extra turn. Also maybe in cold places creatures with these bonds can huddle with only the two of them and keep from freezing to death

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