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canterbury .she-her.

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1 hour ago, gamingcookie said:

but I guess the style that I specifically like is cute


1 hour ago, PincerClaw420 said:

After exploring some aesthetics a bit, weirdcore is hella rad


2 hours ago, SilverHowl said:

Uhh definitely punk rock and synthwave 80s to fill my struggling vibes rn...

All of these sound really col! I'm going to have to search some of them up!

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14 hours ago, SilverHowl said:

Please, I couldn’t even come close to being a grammar police, I just let you realize it and that’s it.

Thanks friend 😆

11 hours ago, Flour said:

i really like corvidcore or crowcore but it’s definitely not my aesthetic i also like dark academia but same with it not being my aesthetic. i really don’t have one yet ://

I don't really have one either, but I fell the same about liking certain ones.

11 hours ago, Spooky パンケーキ said:

I like... how do I explain this, uhhh.. calm Aesthetics? Kinda like the vibes in LoFi hip hop Videos lol

idk how to explain it

LoFi Is a really cool aesthetic! Yeah, I get what you mean!

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  • 2 months later...

i think i have one now

after surfing through the entire aesthetics wiki (new rule 8373759 of the internet: if it exists, there's a fandom wiki for it. and new rule 8373760 of the internet: if it exists, there's an aesthetic for it. BRO MOMMY'S-ON-THE-PHONECORE IS A THING) i believe what matches mine the closest is softie or softgirl (also i'm both a stan and a simp but i'm not sure how those are aesthetics)

a HUGE contrast from that but gorecore seems kinda rad

another cool one that i do not quite Vibe with is icepunk

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