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7 minutes ago, Lilyturf said:

Hmmm... I think I could pull off a decent rocky texture (I've been practising) Now I just need an idea and to deacide wether to use gimp or ms paint...

I feel like you'd have to an mspaint one just to blow my mind even if you don't use it this time.

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Asked a friend to 'wish me luck even though I have no faith in myself', and she did ;-; I really expected her to continue her little trend of wishing bad luck instead of good luck, but she didn't. I mean on one hand I am way too happy right now and on the other our little inside joke is ruined but whatever XD

And then she started gushing over my art and now i am officially ded. plz send halp

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Sooo... I kinda forgot about this, but I think I can finish in time. This is what I've got so far and once I'm set with the colors, I'm going to make it bigger and paint in the details


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