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Day 40, Sunny

It is certain now that #013 and #017 are nursing a second cub.

#018 left the nest for a short amount of time, shwoing signs of another pregnancy. The fate of her first cub remains unclear.

#019 has given birth to a live cub. She and #014 have been observed carring for their young. The cub seems to be very animated.

#020 and #012 have continued to ignore eachother.

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Day 41, Sunny

We were able to obtain a picture of #013 and #017 as well as their offspring. Their second cub is female and has been dubbed "Trefra" by our team. She is the first individual born on the island to have a pattern!


#018 has left her nest, accompanied by a male cub. We assume she might have a second cub, as the one leaving the nest was already quite old.

#014 and #019 seem to be more relaxed. #019 has been seen hunting, while #014 stayed back to take care of their cub.

While #020 has remained on P2, #012 has crossed over to P1. We are observing him very closely. As an unmated male, he might pose a threat to other couples.


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Day 42, Sunny

We are happy to announce that the first cub from generation 3 has grown up! #021, son of #013 and #017, has had his genes recorded this very morning.

#021 "Rahs"



Using warmth signatures, our drones have been able to gather data which shows clearly that #018 and #011 are currently nursing a viable cub.

We were also able to take a picture of #014, #019 and their offspring. The cub has been identified as female and nicknamed "Drako".


#012 has remained close to the stream and spent the day picking berries. #020 has stayed hidden away under an acorn tree, were we assume her to be cracking nuts.

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