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10 minutes ago, gamingcookie said:

this man was my whole childhood. we need to get him to 10 million. if you don't care for his content you can turn off notifications just sub to him

Him and Squaishy were the only mincrafters I watched when I was younger

i still watch Squaishy’s Slime rancher videos

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1 hour ago, Lilyturf said:

Well if we are talking about childhood youtubers, why hasn't StacyPlays uploaded in a forever?

She does twitch. I think she’s just taking a break from YouTube. But I agree I loved dogcraft.

as for stampy him and squid made the best team I’d be honored to help

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5 minutes ago, CanDLinkZz said:

Started rewatching his Broken Age series just yesterday because it magically popped into my recommended. 


broken age is also from the same people who made octonauts! neat stuff

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