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Suggestion : Memory Block


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Hello everyone,


Here is a little suggestion I already posted on the Nimbatus Discord and I wanted to share it why you to know others peoples thoughts about it.


It would be a block that would, upon pressing a key (Q for exemple) simulate a sequence of key, defined by you while you were building your drone (or even during your flight, not quite sure about this though, could be confusing). It would allow you to do a precise sequence of action for your drone without pressing multiple keys. It would work quite easily : the block could have a "register key", that you press before registering your key sequence (the timing could also be set or registered between each key) and you press it again to end the sequence, and a "play" key, that you press when you want the defined sequence to be execute.


If you have any idea that is close to this one or could work with this one don't hesitate to share it of course, I'm just a random guy trying to help !

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It could be done with simpler blocks.  (Not simpler to understand, but built out of simpler blocks.)  To activate 'drill to the core' for instance, have a gravity sensor output 1 and two.  3 will activate a switch that outputs 4.  Stabilizing thrusters activate if 1 AND 3 (or 2 AND 3) are active.  If one OR two are active, output 4.  If four is not active, press the trigger keys for digging weapons and downward thrust.


That will create a 'coring mode' that can be activated or deactivated with a keypress that will orient your ship towards the core, and if it's upright, will activate thrust and your digging weapons.  (I'm sure I made an error somewhere, but you get the idea.)


What would be a lot simpler (Again, simpler in the sense of using simpler tools) than macro blocks is to add a 'delay' value to switches.  Thus button 1 can activate switch 2, which will wait 0 seconds, and be active however long you need it.  Switch 3 upon input from 2 will wait X seconds, then activate for Y seconds.  Switch 4 can be triggered by 3, etc etc.  Alternately, every switch could actuate on a delay from keypress 1, if the range of values for the delay is large enough.


This'd give you a way to build preset action sequences

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