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This is based off of my story "Dragons of Katora" if you want to read it, see topic: "Ideas?"


The dragons: 


Queen Raina, she doesn’t move, she’s barely seen.. Nobody knows anything about her.. Not anymore at least..


Queen’s Guards:


Fire, he is one of the Queen’s guards, he brags to lower class dragons about it, he loves to start arguments, he and his friend.. No.. Companion? Yeah.. I think that’s good, anyways they are two of the best guards, so they became the Queen’s guards.


Rock, loves to flirt with Fire, calm, he likes to embarrass Fire at times.


Barrier Guards: 


Stone, Rock’s brother, doesn’t really trust him though.. Stone is one of the barrier guards.


Angel, this pretty white dragon is also one of the barrier guards, she’s usually really nice! Most of the time..


Now comes the hunters:


Leaf, one of the hunters, she has a kind heart, but a small fantasy, she takes everything seriously. She has a huge crush on Angel.


Lilac, a mysterious purple dragon, she has a twin: Lily, yet she doesn’t have any crush, or anyone to love, with the exception of her sister, of course.




Lily, Lilac’s twin, she’s quiet, yet has hope and faith that the dragons can get back home..


Sarahy, a beautiful golden dragon, she has a small crush on a certain twin..




Paige, this certain dragon has hard feelings about going home, she has a crush on Rock, bullies and makes fun of Fire for.. Certain things..


Hope, she was named this while on Doom Island, she was born here.. In this.. Awful place. Somehow she’s made friends with the Doom Snakes…



There haven’t been any apprentices for a while..



This certain mother died due to the Doom Snakes..




Moon, she has a sister: Eclipse, these two are very much alike, though.. Not the same..


Eclipse, with being Moon’s sister, she shares the same pain, these sisters have an unusual bond..


Prince Jay, protective of his pack, he will in fact protect them against his own mother, he has a kind heart, and like Hope, made friends with the Doom Snakes, he likes to do ships, his favorite ship is: Rock x Fire


You can be anyone EXCEPT Queen Raina and Prince Jay

Or, you can create your own:






!Heads up, I might not add your characters to the story!


LBGTQ+ is allowed!


I will give you text, then I will give you certain answers, and you have to choose one.


This is not a rp.


-{Have fun!}-


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