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The moon at it's brightest (Power and Curse/Murder Mystery Warrior Cats RP/Sim)


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8 hours ago, Spottedfire said:

I pounced for the ball.

You managed to get to it before Sootkit did.

"That's a point for Spottedkit," He said.

Icekit batted this time, Birdkit got it.

Now it was your time to bat it.

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3 hours ago, __________________________ said:

She looked around wildly, making sure she was where she was when she fell asleep

You were not.

"It's just a dream, Lunarkit."

But if your dreaming, then how was Snowfur here...?

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1 hour ago, __________________________ said:

Lunarkit looked around, hoping to find something useful

You found a very interesting rock...

Suddenly, you were being shook awake.

"Cmon, Lunarkit! Wake up!"

It was Adderkit.

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2 minutes ago, __________________________ said:

Lunarkit thought for a second before shrugging as in saying: 'Sure, why not?'

"Beat you to the high-rock!"

He immediately took off towards a tall rock.

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1 minute ago, __________________________ said:

She knew she was somewhat fast,

Lunarkit raced after Adderkit

You managed to pass him a few seconds before he got to the rock.

"Wow! Your fast!"

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