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The moon at it's brightest (Power and Curse/Murder Mystery Warrior Cats RP/Sim)


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1 minute ago, Spottedfire said:

"owwww!" I screeched but I didn't give up I bit it again

Eventually, you managed to kill it.

your literally the size of that mouse lol

"You fight like a warrior!" Sootkit complimented you.

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17 hours ago, Spottedfire said:


Sunstar picked up the mouse, and walked off.

She came back a few minutes later.

Icekit came over.

"What happened to your leg?" He asked.

6 hours ago, __________________________ said:

I'm remote.. aka at home full time, but I'll have some schoolwork to do, but I can do them out of order :) 

She set the fish down in front of Adderkit,letting him eat it

She very sus


He ate the fish happily.

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5 hours ago, __________________________ said:

Lunarkit purred

"Maybe you could teach me some of those moves, huh?" Adderkit purred.

6 hours ago, Spottedfire said:

"The mouse must have bit it..."

Sunstar noticed.

She went off again, and came back with some cobwebs.

and she forced you to let her put them on the scratches.


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