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Forgotten Warriors |A Warrior Cats Sim(My Version/My AU)

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Just now, __________________________ said:

The cat sat you down on a hard surface, "Whitestar!" the cat called

"What is it, Spottedpelt?" asked a tom, coming out of a den

He looked at you: "Shadowkit?"

He looked back and sniffled. (Not sadly but just * s n f f. *)

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2 minutes ago, __________________________ said:

"Whitestar? He's yours?" asked the cat that had carried you here

"Yes, yes.." Whitestar answered, he went up to you, nodded to the cat, picked you up, and walked back into the den he walked out of

He Sneezed.

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1 minute ago, __________________________ said:

He licked the top of your head, before curling himself around you, "It's sundown, it's time to rest.." he said, falling asleep

He did the same, nuzzling himself into his fur.

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Just now, __________________________ said:


You saw many cats, fading with each bleeding out, a cat, standing over kit's bodies..

The End!


-Next day


He awoke with fear.

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24 minutes ago, __________________________ said:

'Darkstar! Don't scare the poor kit!' you heard a she-cat

'Sorry..' a tom spoke now, but not sounding sincere

He looked around teary-eyed.

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1 hour ago, __________________________ said:

'...' the she-cat was silent for a second

'I am!' the tom claimed

you guessed the she-cat had a "'I don't believe it'" look

He blinked the tears away.

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4 minutes ago, __________________________ said:

You saw a faint dark shadow appear, with a dim white light beside it

'I'm serious!' the dark shadow claimed again

'Darkstar, you sure are the fox-heart.' the light glowing one stated

He sniffled.

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