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cookie homethread part 2 edition

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also i had an idea for an smp

i think would be called hellscape smp

we would only be allowed in the nether. cannot go to the overworld (maybe we can but like you start in the nether so it'd be hard)

it would have a bunch of mods to add even more to the nether since just 1.16 stuff isn't gonna be interesting enough ill bet

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times minecraft has made me cry:

1. the disc war finale

2. lmanberg anthem but on an old vinyl record

3. november 16th

4. bbh my r animatic

5. stampy 10 million stream

6. stampy 10 million stream

7. stampy 10 million stream

8. stampy 10 million stream

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dsmp hc time

ghosts or whatever you're called in the afterlife have a Thingie that indicates how they lost their final life

eg. schlatt has a heart thingie, wilbur has a stab wound, tommy has bruises or something,,

that is a popular hc but also

they keep this scar if they happen to be revived. maybe a little fainter but it doesn't go away. sometimes it still hurts very faintly

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it's friday. you know what that means! no you don't actually! moriah elizabeth uploads a new video so this is my weekly dose of content unrelated to mcyt. nothing else. everything else is mcyt.

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