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Terracotta | A Playthrough


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Five Nichelings wash up onto an island.. 


A Desert-sand colored nicheling with poison fangs spoke

"Where am I?"


A Nicheling with moose horns (i'm not spelling out that entire thing) looked around, confused

"Who are you?!" The desert colored nicheling jumped back, confused on where she was, and who these weird nichelings were..

"Rasi, Do you know where we are?"

"You know why we are here do you?"

"I- What?"


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"What is it?"

Resi and Ren (Desert colored nicheling) Had gone to find food..

Instead, they found a child.

"It's a Child, An abandoned one as well.."

"Let it die, we don't need a waste of air."

Ren was about to throw the child into the water below before Resi stepped in front of her.

"I will Never, Let you kill this child."

She looked at them,

"Why would you want to kill them anyways..?"

"Only a horrible person would want that."

Resi growled, 

"If you touch this child, I will be sure to kill you."

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