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Welcome to my second (major) Niche story, Among Niche! It is a crossover between Among Us and Niche that will involve a lot of writing and the use of the console. It’s a weird kind of run, but it’s something I want to do.


But before I start, I’ll show you not only the map of the island, but also some character sheets!



This is the island that the characters live in, it is quite a bit more urban-looking than this, but this is the basic structure of it. The ‘Emergency Meeting’ button is the stump is located in the Storage Room and can be used if one of the nichelings hops onto it and calls. Unlike in the games, there are no vents for impostors to go through, so they’ll have to escape suspicion using other methods.


The nichelings in this story also wear accessories. They all have hats and some of them wear extra clothing as well. As a general rule, the big-bodied nichelings only wear hats, while the nichelings with thinner fur wear some other garments to protect them from the cold.



Bristle (Orange)



Reindeer (Lime)



Mulberry (Blue)



Pinecone (Black)



Ruby (Brown)



Dall (Purple)



Panther (Yellow)



Torchlight (Green)



Blush (White)


Now that I have shown you the crew of Polial Isle, I will be not only starting to create the story, but also encouraging your own thoughts on who you suspect! In the comments, you can tell me who you think is sus by saying their name/color sus and tell me your own thoughts on Among Niche!


Be wary, however, for I will not tell you who the impostors are!

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There are two impostors among us.


Round 1

Today was a bright day. The sun shined with a glare illuminating the fur of the nichelings on board, and a cold breeze rushed through the sky, startling anyone who was not used to the bite of the wind that Polial Isle brought with it. But while the weather was harsh to those who never lived on the mountain island, it was a warm welcome to the crew who had recently returned from the tidal lands of Florshore.


The crew had been inside of their boats for days, each one of them uncomfortable as they tried to fit their spikes and tails without disrupting their companions. Poking his head out of the boat, one of the crewmates, a brown-and-cream creature, tries to squirm his way. As his nut-brown eyes stared into the vibrant sky, a much larger nicheling pushes her head into him, annoyed at the spines that have pierced her fur.


“Please stawp.” The warmly-shaded nicheling spoke, her thin tail tucking into the boat.


Torchlight, the smaller male, soon slipped himself back into the ship, his spines brushing against the female’s body. Near him, a thin candy-pink nicheling ducks down, trying to avoid poking the crew with her own spines, hearing the chatter of her friends surround her as she awaited for the ship to land.


The sound of the loud motor continued to cause waves in the ocean, its noise being heard from both up close and from afar. Turning the wheel towards the icy path that was straight ahead, a cream-and-pink nicheling stood in front of the boat, a confident expression on her face as she steered the ship to the shimmering land that met up with her brownish-purple eyes.


“We’ve made it.” Dall, the masked nicheling said, pressing the button on the boat and turning its motor off.


“Oh my god, finally! I was thinking that we would never get here with the speed we were going at!” A large brightly-colored nicheling with an egg-shaped hat snarked, her sea-blue eyes rolling towards her more colorful companion.


The other female was not phased by this comment, however, and soon climbed out of the boat onto the ground. Following her, the large red female and a smooth-furred female with a light pink beak came out of the ship. alongside a brunette male with dark brown stripes and a large nicheling with a blond mane and a pair of curved antlers.


“This is home!” The light pink nicheling Blush chirped, her scaly tail waving in the air as she stood on the frosty ground of Polial Isle.


The two males that had landed gave large smiles. The tall one with the antlers, known as Mulberry, soon started to speak towards the remaining crew.

“Since we’re now back home, I say we return to our base and start up operations as normal.” he announced to the rest of the crew, followed by his striped companion as the two of them started to enter the woods. After the disappearance of the two males, the remaining nichelings that have gotten off the ship, Dall, Ruby, and Blush, started to return to their base as well.

“I’m so glad we’re out of that sweaty island! I was getting tired of getting sand in-between my toes!” Blush said, feeling the chilly breeze enter her fur as she continued to walk towards her base.

“You’re so right! Do you know how much I hated cleaning out seagull poop?” Ruby declared.


Blush groaned, “Is this about the seagull poop again? That is all you’ve talked about ever since the return trip!” she sighed before shaking her head in annoyance. Ruby briefly giving her a glare before conversing with Dall. 


Continuing to walk back, Ruby and Dall retreated away from Blush, leaving the light pink creature alone before she quietly retreated into the cafeteria

“I guess I should’ve kept my mouth.” she muttered to herself.


Meanwhile, up in the communications room, both Pinecone and Mulberry had settled down. Adjusting the systems to go back online and re-adjusting their bodies to the cold winds of Polial Isle, the two nichelings, being the first ones to make it back home, had started to converse with each other about what they would do next.


Mulberry gave a loud purr, adjusting his hat. “I’ve been gone for, what, three months? It feels like time has passed since I’ve learned the secrets that the sands held.”

“I thought Bristle did.” Pinecone said, “Unless you want to be Bristle.”

Mulberry just rolled his eyes, “Okay, Bristle learned the secrets that the sands held, but I helped.” He said with a puff before quickly reasserting his authority. 

“Now back to what we’re going to do. Since we have been gone for three months, I say we start by recalibrating the communications system. Then, we’ll go to the security room and fix that up. Does that sound good to you?”


Pinecone smiled and tilted his head down, staring straight at Mulberry with a piercing glance. “Sure. You will not die.” he rasped, his tail wrapped around Mulberry’s right arm. 


Mulberry soon got up, walking uncomfortably towards the dual screens carved into the rock.  He stretched his arm towards the dial, turning it to power it on. The screen lit up, and Mulberry started to back away, Pinecone by his side and looking to protect him. Now with the screen on, Mulberry knew that the rest of communications would come on soon after, so he and Pinecone went to work.


And that’s the introduction to Among Niche! With so many characters at the beginning, not all of them will be addressed at the start, so for this run, I’ll be dividing some of the characters into one part and the other ones into another. So next time I’ll return, I’ll be showing you the perspectives of the ‘crew in the back’, Panther, Torchlight, Reindeer, and their leader, Bristle.


What do you think about the characters you have met so far? What about the quality of the story?

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Near the sight of four nichelings, an icy path gleamed in the sunlight, cracks in the ice signifying the path that the other members of the crew have made. Climbing out of the boat, a spined brown-and-cream nicheling and a large, furry brown nicheling placed their feet onto the ground. Looking over the land they called home, the two of them approached the greenery that lied beyond them, the remaining females on the boat got off as well, gracefully landing right behind the two males that were in front of them.


The rose-furred creature and her brown companion soon started to walk behind the other two nichelings, knowing they were the last to get off the cramped boat. As the frosty winds brushed their fur and the feeling of nostalgia beated in their hearts, the two enthusiastic creatures rushed to their base, passing by the two males that had gotten off the ship with them. Turning his head to see the two run off, the larger male, whose name was Panther, commented on the situation.


“Tuh-tun, seems like the ladies are in a hurry.” He said to his companion, the spined nicheling Torchlight.


Torchlight eagerly nodded, “Yeah! I bet they’ve planned something fun!”

Panther gave a beaked smirk, his green eyes gleaming in the harsh sunlight. “I bet they’re getting back to work, tuh-tun. You now how they feel about that, tuh-tun.”, he nudged Torchlight.


The smaller nicheling turned his attention to Panther, “They work very hard, you know! Especially when this is the first time in months they’ve been here.” he spoke in a high-pitched voice. 


Panther gave a nod and started to approach Cafeteria, his eyes taking in the sight of his friend, Blush sweeping up the mess that was left behind when they left to go to Florshore. Distracted by his friend, he soon left Torchlight by himself, the other nicheling following to catch up. His paws landed dramatically on the ice, causing cracks before he sprinted into the cafeteria. Now with both Panther and Blush, he soon caused a conversation to occur between the three of them.


“Everyone’s so busy, tuh-tun. I can hear Bristle and Dall working hard in the storage room.” Panther snarked, “Why are the ladies so busy with their tasks?”


Blush groaned at Panther’s comment, “They’ve always been the people to work hard, leave them be.”

Panther just rolled his eyes, “You’re no fun, tuh-tun.”, he said before winking at Blush, causing her face to light up. At the sight of the pink nicheling’s reaction, Torchlight started to giggle, covering his face with his paws to hide his reaction from an annoyed Blush. She soon retreated away from Torchlight and Panther, trying to avoid the embarrassment and fluttering of her heart that Panther’s flirting had caused.


“I think she likes you.” Torchlight grinned, nudging Panther.

“Think? She definitely likes me, tuh-tun!” Panther said, giving a smirk as he glanced towards Blush, who was sweeping up the rotten nuts that were on the floor. As he was watching Blush, he heard the noise of Torchlight leaving, knowing that the spined nicheling was going towards the admin room, which was located within the storage room next to the cold path that led to medbay. Panther knew that Torchlight would be busy, and while he didn’t want to work today, he knew that he had to get back to work as well.


Up on a cliff above the storage room, the sound of footsteps could be heard, shifting on the metallic floor as the individual above adjusted the large gun that layed on the eastern edge of the mountain. She was alone in this room, but this didn’t matter. All that mattered was that the other nichelings were safe.


“It’s now weady. Everytwing is fine.” The brown nicheling said to herself, looking around to see if anyone was there. Feeling nothing around her, she looked below her, seeing the shapes of the nichelings in the storage room.


There was Bristle, Dall, Ruby, Blush, and Torchlight. Almost everyone was down in that one room, so she decided to come over as well. Climbing down the hill, she approached Dall, who had chosen to lay down after a hard day of work, and greeted her with a friendly wave. Dall soon got up on her feet, walking over to the large nicheling who greeted her and started the conversation.


“How are you doing? Did you get weapons ready?” Dall asked the brown nicheling, whose name was Reindeer.

Reindeer gave a quiet nod, “Did you get what you needed done?”

The pink-and-cream nicheling smiled, pointing over to Bristle and Ruby, who were busy doing their own work. 

“They’ve been doing the work. I’ve been making sure they do the work.” Dall responded, adjusting her pink flamingo hat to face Reindeer.


Reindeer nodded again, but didn’t fully believe Dall’s claims. Dall had always been unwilling to do much work in the crew, and sometimes made excuses to get people like her off her back. She was perfectly happy to do menial work and gather things, but rarely did the hard parts of managing a base, preferring to convince Bristle to get those kinds of things done. Nevertheless, Reindeer cared about the masked nicheling, for she was friendly to pretty much everyone on the island.


“You awe going to help Bwiswle and Wuby? Wight?” I can go with you and help.” Reindeer quietly muttered to Dall, hoping she would agree.

“Hmm… Why not?” Dall said, giving a smile towards Reindeer and approaching the two nichelings that were busy filling up the gas. 


Reindeer gave a content nod, soon starting to come over herself and hear the chatter of the nichelings and what they’ll do next. She knows that ever since coming home, that there was a lot to work on, but after that, things would get back to normal and they would be free for the next couple of months!


H̵f̸f̵f̷…̷ ̶I̵ ̴n̵e̴e̸d̸ ̴t̴o̴ ̴d̶o̵ ̷s̷o̴m̷e̷t̴h̴i̷n̴g̶.̷ ̶

̷L̸e̷t̶ ̷m̵e̷ ̵t̷h̸i̷n̶k̴ ̶a̸b̷o̵u̷t̸ ̶t̸h̸i̴s̶ ̸f̸o̴r̸ ̵a̷ ̴s̷e̵c̴o̵n̶d̸…̴


̴I̵’̵l̴l̶ ̶s̴h̴u̵t̶ ̶o̶f̵f̴ ̴t̸h̸e̵ ̷l̷i̶g̴h̷t̴s̴.̸

̶͈̬̩̺̻̪͍̬͐͝T̵̡̨̮͈̩̤̼̘̋̓Ḫ̴̲͍̩͠À̴͔͓̙̩͚͎͕͑͌͘͝Ṯ̶̡͖̱̝̙̠͋ ̶̨̳͔͓̫͓̀̂͌̌̋̈́͊͠ͅW̸̨̡̡̥̦̭̹̺͝Ì̶̥̿͌̀̈́͌͘͘Ļ̸͕̘̮̻̘͓̉̀̉͒Ĺ̷̢͙̣͈̳͍̣͈̆͛͂̏̈́̈́̈ ̶̝͍͚͍̏͗̇͑̏̎̀Ḡ̷̛͔̺̖̯̍̂̚̕Ǐ̶̡̭̟̩̮̹́͘͜V̶̫̭̋̋̂̓̏Ȩ̴̝͖͓͈̼͉͙͂̽̉́ ̸̧̡̥̦̗͔̭̋̆̽̕T̶̮̯̯̤̊ͅḦ̷̛͔́̐͒́͒̚E̸̺̱̾̎̐̿̂́M̶͎͙̻͓̮̆͑͑͐ ̶̛̰͖̟͉͈̣͙̐̈́̎̉ͅA̶͍̤̎̓͑͐́ ̸̡̯͇̠͎͒̿̿̈̀͘͝F̶̧̧̼̥͓̜̘͋̎̅̈́͆̚͘͝R̷̡̘̠͉̞̭̰͖͋̓I̵̛̩̥͚̦̩̼̐̌͘ͅG̴̜͎͕͉̃̓Ḫ̵̋̋̅͌T̵̞̳̔̈́̓͌̔̍̈́͝.̵͓̲͕̋̌̐̌




Oh… It seems that the trouble is beginning… But who could be behind this? Well, I’m not going to tell you that. But what I will tell you is that Bristle will be featured more prominently next chapter, when the rest of the crew figures out something is up.


How do you feel about the story so far? Give me your thoughts below!

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Yes, I know of your run's existence. I have to say its pretty nice. I'm glad you like Among Niche so far. There will be more, but it takes a while to write these chapters.

Who's your favorite character so far? Who do you think will make it?

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She held the gas tank up to the pump, pouring the gasoline into the tank and placing it on the hard, metallic ground. Between her and Ruby, Dall started to walk in, carefully adjusting her body and starting to fill up a tank of her own. Ruby was annoyed at the prospect of someone butting into her work, but Bristle saw this as an opportunity for cooperation. She knew that it was important for the team to get along, and hanging out with each other would be the best way for them to bond after their journey back to Polial Isle.


Bristle, however, was more concentrated on fixing up her home’s base. Three months ago, her and her crew went off to the tropical island of Florshore in order to discover the various new species that have been found there. When the crew left, their base was clean and well-organized, but with the passage of time, it had returned to being dirty, unmanaged, and mostly abandoned. The crew had returned, however, and since been reworking home base to return it back to pristine conditions. It was a lot of effort to clean up the nuts that have fallen on the floor and organize the objects that have been left out. But this did not deter Bristle, for she was determined to make Polial Base the best it can be.


“When yu’we done. Can I stick wit you?” The large weapons manager, Reindeer, said to Bristle.

Bristle turned her head around, her green eyes meeting with Reindeer’s own mocha brown.


“Of course! You can always be by my side!” Bristle responded in a high-pitched voice, walking closer to Reindeer in order to protect her.


Reindeer curled her long tail around Bristle, feeling comforted by the nicheling’s pink fur. Meanwhile, Bristle stuck close to Reindeer, watching and hearing the heated conversations that Dall and Ruby were having between each other. It was annoying to know that the two nichelings did not get along with each other, but she knew that not everyone’s personalities would mesh.


Something was wrong, however. The lights seemed to be dimming. “This isn’t normal” she thought to herself, and it seemed that the other nichelings thought the same thing. Reindeer and Blush were looking around confused and Ruby stopped everything she was doing. The only one who was unfazed was Dall, who never payed attentioned to the subtle changes in the environment anyways.


“Wat’s happening?” Reindeer muttered to Bristle.

Bristle gave a concerned look, “I- uh- I don’t actually know.” she said to Reindeer, her eyes glancing at the darkenening room she and many others were in. 


Bristle tapped her foot carefully on the ground, her eyes adjusting to the shadowy landscape that surrounded her. As she was trying to find where everyone else was, however, she heard the loud snap of the power being knocked down. Someone had sabotaged off the lights, she realized, and as soon she was going to alert the crew. She heard the sound of Blush’s voice.


“Quick! We need to get to the lights! Someone has sabotaged us!”


As soon as she heard those words from her friend, Bristle and Reindeer started to gather the others up to move towards where the power was, right next to the Cold Path that led from the Weapons Room to Medbay.

They made it there quickly, only to find that Torchlight had already made it there and started to fix the lights. With the power out, it was hard to see, but Torchlight knew his way around the Cold Path, so the lights were soon turned back on. After the event happened, however, discussion blossomed among the crew.


“I heard something about ‘sabotage’. Has someone in the crew turned against us?” Ruby curiously remarked, remembering Blush’s previous statement.

Blush gave a breathy squawk, “It sure seems like it, but who would do such a thing?”

“Well it’s not me!” Ruby said, her tail making quietly brushing the wall like a being of its own.

“It’s not you? Why not!?” Reindeer retorted, her ears going back. “Yuw awtitude gives it away!” She said before pointing fingers at Ruby.

“Wait! It could’ve been an accident! What if the systems just broke because they haven’t been worked on?” Bristle replied, trying to get the two nichelings to stop fighting.

“That’s what you believe!? That this was an ‘unfortune’ mishap?” Ruby responded.

Bristle gave an annoyed look, “That’s what I think! After all, if it was sabotage, then who would have sabotaged it?” 


“Hmmm… I bet it’s Reindeer!” Torchlight suddenly said, to the shock of Reindeer.

“Why is it me!? I’m innocent!” Reindeer shouted at Torchlight, her eyes filled with anger. “WAT DID I DO!?”

Torchlight quickly shrank away in the corner, “I was just making a suggestion!”

Reindeer hissed before starting to retreat behind Dall, while Blush saw the sight of Panther walking towards them. The two of them soon started to converse about what was going on. For everyone else, however, it was a heated discussion.


“The person who sabotaged the lights would have to access the lights, right?” Dall asked Bristle.

Bristle nodded, “Yeah, but all of us know how to access the lights, so that means anyone could have done it.”

Dall sighed, her striped tail waving in the air. “But if it could be an accident or anyone could have done it. Then we have no clues.”

“Which is why I think it’s an accident, unlike those guys over there.” Bristle responded, pointing to Ruby, Reindeer, and Torchlight in the corner arguing about who did it.

“A shame, really. I thought we were going to have a break.” Dall muttered, “Now we have the possibility of a traitor…”

“I wouldn’t say a traitor per say, it’s more likely it’s an accident and those other people are overreacting.” Bristle said, stroking her gemstones with a slightly smug look.

Dall nodded in agreement before walking off the Cold Path back into the Storage Room. Now alone, she started to get back to her unfinished work. She didn’t hear anyone wandering out, but this didn’t bother her. She just continued to do what she does best.



A̷r̷e̸ ̸y̴o̶u̶ ̶s̸u̴r̶e̶ ̷y̵o̶u̸ ̷w̵a̸n̵t̸ ̶t̸o̸ ̶d̸o̵ ̷t̶h̶i̸s̶?̴

̸Y̵e̸s̵!̷ ̶I̵f̷ ̷w̴e̸ ̸k̸i̴l̸l̵ ̷t̶h̸i̵s̷ ̶n̶i̶c̷h̵e̷l̴i̸n̵g̴,̴ ̷t̸h̴e̷n̴ ̴t̵h̸a̵t̴’̵s̶ ̵m̴o̶r̶e̴ ̷f̵o̴r̶ ̷u̶s̴!̸

̶B̴u̶t̸ ̷w̵h̵y̴ ̶h̵e̶r̵e̸?̸ ̴T̴h̶i̷s̶ ̶i̷s̶ ̴a̸ ̸b̵a̷d̶ ̶s̶p̴o̷t̶.̴

̷U̵g̵h̴,̶ ̷I̸ ̸a̵m̵ ̶t̶i̸r̷e̴d̵.̸ ̸C̴a̶n̸ ̴w̶e̶ ̶j̴u̷s̶t̷ ̴d̶o̷ ̷i̷t̶?̶

̷N̶o̴.̸ ̴W̸e̴ ̸s̸h̶o̸u̴l̶d̸ ̴m̶o̵v̶e̴ ̶f̴u̸r̵t̵h̴e̸r̶ ̸o̸u̵t̴.̶



The two impostors moved further out with their sleeping victim.



The impostor’s victim was soon drowned.



Bristle woke up suddenly, her eyes stinging and her body oddly wet.


What happened? She thought to herself as she stood up on the cold ground below her. She felt dizzy and her body felt empty, but she knew that wherever she was, it was not Polial Isle. The light in the sky was too bright and everything felt too much like a dream for it to be real. It was like she was transported to a place that was not of this world.


“Bristle?” She heard the sound of a familiar voice, turning around to see who was behind her.

She gasped at the sight.

“Mom!? But you’re-”

“Dead? Yes Bristle, I am dead.” Bristle’s mother responded.

Bristle gave a very confused look, looking around at the sunny area she was in before looking down at the gems that adorned her chest. The gems were not the bright orange they usually were, but a dull brownish-gray that lack the light of life. She felt sick to her stomach, her eyes quivering at the thought of what happened.


“No no no no no…” She muttered to herself, tears coming out of her eyes before her mother came to hug her.

“It’s okay, Bristle. It was not your fault. You did not know what was going to happen.” Bristle’s mother comforted her, her reddish-brown fur nestled next to Bristle’s pink fur. Bristle soon closed her eyes, her mind retreating to the day that this all happened.



It was going to happen eventually, but here’s Among Niche’s first death. Bristle didn’t get too much screen time, but hopefully she made enough of an impact to make it worthwhile. On the bright side, however, Bristle gets to see her mom!


How do you feel about the story so far? Could there be any improvements made? Tell me below in the comments!

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“Rise and shine, tuh-tun!”


Pinecone rolled out of his bed, startled at the sudden voice he heard in his ears. Pinecone started to get up, his fur ragged and his body dressed in gray pajamas covered yellow stripes. He soon started to fold the collar on his pajamas and adjusted the sleeves on his arms before starting to face towards Panther, who was waiting in anticipation. Panther gave a bright, toothless smile that freaked Pinecone out a little. He knew that Panther was not usually this friendly towards him, but he also knew that Panther could switch emotions on a dime, so he had to be careful.


“You seem awfully happy today. What has gotten into you?” Pinecone said to Panther.

Panther gave a friendly wink towards Pinecone.

“I just have that feeling, you know. That feeling that my day will be great! Tuh-tun!” Panther responded, pulling his top hat off the hanger before putting it on.

Pinecone gave a kind nod before walking towards Panther to stroke his chest. Panther felt rather uncomfortable being touched, but he nevertheless accepted it.


“So, how about the suspicions, tuh-tun?” Panther asked Pinecone, trying to get him off his body.


Pinecone slinked off of Panther, “It is clear that this was an unfortunate accident. Though, not everyone is on board with my idea.” Pinecone responded in a raspy voice, giving a creepy smile towards Panther.


“You think? Tuh-tun?” Panther curiously said, wondering why Pinecone believed the incident with the lights was an accident.


Pinecone nodded, “Yes. No one has a reason for sabotage.”, he spoke before leaving to go towards his tasks. He brushed his tail against Panther in hopes of getting him to follow him, and soon enough, the two brown nichelings were in the cafeteria getting themselves breakfast and talking up a conversation.


There was something going on in the waters nearby the Security room, however, and Torchlight was the one who first saw it. Torchlight was busy after a good breakfast from the cafeteria, and curious as he always was, went over to the Security room to see what was on the cameras. As always, Polial Isle’s breeze was chilly, and for a nicheling with thin fur like him, that was uncomfortable. But while all of the crew’s rooms are somewhat cold, the Security room was the chilliest. Placed on top of an icy floor with only a bit of heating, it was a wonder that short-furred Pinecone could even tolerate. Torchlight’s curiosity overpowered his common sense, and he started to walk away from the giant tree into the heavily plated room. Before he entered, he noticed something in the water.

“What is that?” Torchlight asked no one in particular, hurrying over to the icy ocean waters and seeing the dead body of Bristle floating near the shore. He was confused at first, but then realized what had happened and started to scream his lungs out.

“BRIIIIISSSSSSTLE!” He yelped in a loud voice that could be heard for miles, falling onto his knees and starting to cry.


Hearing the shout from his room, Mulberry climbed down the hill and landed onto the grass, curious about what was going on. As well, Panther was also distracted, and soon got up from the table and started running, leaving Pinecone by himself eating a pie.


Arriving at the scene, Mulberry met up with Torchlight, seeing the smaller nicheling with watery blue tears in his eyes and a face full of grief. Mulberry did not at first notice the body, but when the reddish nicheling turned his horned head at the cold waters next to him, he saw the drowned corpse of Bristle, lifeless and completely covered in water.


“That… Is not good. Was this an accident?” Mulberry calmly asked, hiding any signs of grief he might have been feeling.

“I-I don’t know!” Torchlight shouted, “She was just there!”


Mulberry gave a thoughtful glance before responding, “We should get everyone else over here. For all of my expertise, I have no idea how this happened.”.


He then started to go towards the cafeteria to get everyone else. Torchlight followed him, wanting company to be with him while thinking about Bristle’s death. With the two male nichelings searching for their companions, they soon came across Panther and Pinecone, who were told about the news and escorted towards the Security room. Mulberry was to get the rest of the nichelings, and soon brought over Blush, Reindeer, Dall, and Ruby, who were informed about what had happened. It was odd that such a death came out of nowhere, but the question was whenever this was a tragic mistake or a premeditated murder.


“Hmm… The body seems to have no markings, so she wasn’t attacked by anyone.” Dall noted, heaving the wet body further up land to observe it.


“So, did she fall or something?” Torchlight asked Dall.

Dall carefully looked at Bristle’s body, “I doubt it. There’s no signs of blood or anything.”

“No signs of blood!? Did swe dwown?” Reindeer piped up, curious of how Bristle died.

“Looks like it.” Dall muttered, her pointed ears lowering as she gave a distant look.


Mulberry quietly purred in a sad tone, “A drowning… But who could have done it?”


Pinecone glanced at Mulberry, “It could have been an accident. After all, none of us have reasons to kill someone, right?”


Mulberry nodded, “You’re correct, Pinecone. But I doubt this is an accident. It seems more likely that someone drowned her.”


Pinecone gave a downtrodden look, wrapping his tail around Panther as the larger nicheling quietly stared into the distance. The two were wondering what had happened to Bristle, but their concerns were soon interrupted by Ruby.


“Wait… If someone drowned Bristle. Then that means one of us is a murderer!” Ruby declared, “After all, we’re the only people on the entire island!”


“I just don’t understand why? Bristle has been nothing but kind to us-


Blush was interrupted by Ruby.


“Pfff, she has an ego.”

Blush groaned, “Well, yeah. But that doesn’t explain why she was murdered.”

Ruby nodded, “True. She didn’t deserve to get killed by the psychopath among us!”


The mutterings continued among the crew, questioning what had happened to poor Bristle and why she was drowned in the first place. It was a mystery that the nichelings could not figure out

Why would one of their own turn against their own leader? Was it an attempt to achieve a higher position in the ranks of Permafrost? Or was there a more sinister motive at play? That was the question to be answered, but before they were to discuss the events that just happened, it was time to call an emergency meeting.


“Follow me! Tuh-tun! There are things we need to do!” Panther announced to the rest of the crew, leading them away from the icy-cold Security Room into the warm, berry-filled land of the Storage Room. Something had to be done before it was too late for them.


Emergency Meeting



It seems that the first body has been found! Who could have done such a thing, and for that matter, why did they do it? That’s a question to be answered for later, but at the moment, I want to hear your thoughts on how the story is so far and who you think is sus.


Remember to tell me if there are any improvements to be made!

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An Emergency Meeting has just been called amongst the crew of Polial Isle. All eight remaining nichelings gather around an urbanized tree stump that had grown next to the Cold Path, their minds racing on the possibilities of what happened to Bristle as they awaited the person who would speak first. Panther gave a concerned look over the entirety of the crew, his mane messier than usual due to the rush he was in to get there in the first place.


“I have called all of you here for one reason and one reason alone! To determine which one of us has killed Bristle!” Panther announced. “I know this will be hard for all us, tuh-tun, but we must do what we have to in order to prevent any more deaths.”

The other crewmates nodded, each one of them taking a seat on the ground. Blush went over to Panther’s left and affectionately touched his mane, Ruby went over to Blush’s left and sat next to her. Reindeer, Mulberry, and Pinecone all sat next to each other, though keeping their distance due to the possibility of one of them being the murderer, and Dall and Torchlight quickly crowded over to the west and started to quietly talk to each other.


“As you may know. Torchlight has discovered the drowned body of our beloved leader, Bristle! We have no idea who killed her, tuh-tun, or why they chose to do what they did. That is why I have decided that we should talk about where we were that fateful night! Dall, you start the conversation, tuh-tun!” Panther announced.


Dall quietly nodded. “I was finishing up my work back in the Storage room before I got tired and went to bed.” she responded. “Then I slept in until I was called over to see what had happened to Bristle.”


Nobody had anything to say that contradicted Dall’s statement, so Pinecone was next to speak up.


“When the sabotage occurred, I tripped. So after the rest fixed the unfortunate incident, I went over to Medbay. I had no injuries, so I decided to keep watch on you to make sure none of, say, kicked the bucket.” Pinecone responded, his face a confident smile as his tail wrapped around himself.


Mulberry quickly piped up, “Why were you watching us? Nobody had died at that point!”


Pinecone just gave a confident smile, his brown eyes set on Mulberry. “Because I made sure that nobody would die!” he shouted, his long, striped tail waving in the air as he continued to look straight at Mulberry.


Ruby gave a chuckle, “Well, you failed in that regard! Because Bristle died despite saying you were watching her!”. “Don’t you think that’s a little suspicious?”


Everyone turned to look at Pinecone, the light brown nicheling not showing any signs of backing down as he stood on the frosty ground. It seems that he knew what he was talking about, but the other nichelings were having none of it.


“Tell me, if you were watching us, why didn’t you see Bristle die!?” Ruby shouted, giving sharp glares at Pinecone alongside Blush. Pinecone just shook his head, “I was not watching the entire time, I had to go to sleep. That’s when the killer struck with their vicious ferocity!”


“He’s not wrong.” Blush responded, “He has the sleep like everyone else.”


Ruby just sighed, muttering something about not trusting Pinecone. In the meantime, Panther asked for Mulberry’s testimony. He soon gave a purr, and with a smug smile on his face, told Panther where he was when the murder took place.


“If you are so curious about what I was doing, then I will tell you that I went back up to comms, then went to bed at 11:00 PM, then woke up and went back to work, and finally heard the scream of Torchlight and found Bristle’s body submerged in the water.” Mulberry responded, confident in himself and giving a toothy smile. 


“Are you sure, tuh-tun?” Panther curiously asked, “Because you were awake at around eleven.”


Mulberry shook his head before confidently responding, “That was 10:56 PM, Panther. I went to bed four minutes later.” 


Panther just rolled his eyes, “Okay, you be semantic, tuh-tun. 10:56 PM and 11:00 PM are close enough. Let’s just move on to the next testimony. Ruby, make your statement!”

Ruby started to walk closer and closer to the tree trunk, ready to announce what she was going to say about the situation. Meanwhile, some of the other individuals started to argue about the semantics of the timing, much to the annoyance of the large, bright red nicheling, who just wanted to explain to the others where she was at the time.


“Listen up!” Ruby shouted, startling some of the members in the crowd.

“After the sabotage occurred near the Cold Path, I stayed in the Storage Room for a while, making sure that everything was up-to-date there. After that, I went to check on the Communications Room and saw Mulberry. He was just doing his thing, and I mostly just did mine, so when the night came, I went to sleep!”


Mulberry gave a sharp smile, “She’s telling the truth. I saw her.”.


Ruby burst into a happy grin, her red ears excitedly standing up. “Thank you, Mulberry! I was hoping to get cleared!” she responded, soon going back to her spot in order to allow the others to speak up. Panther then announced for the next nicheling, Reindeer, to make her testimony on what she was doing that day. Reindeer quickly came over to the stump, and started to tell the others what she did.


Reindeer breathed heavily, nervous about what the others would think of her. 

“When the sabotage went awf, I went ovew to help wiw the lights. After we had fixed the lights, we then started to awgue befowe going to aw wespective stations. I went back to the Weapons Woom like usual and stawted to wowk on my tasks. I was twewe the entire time, but when it got late, I decided to go to sleep.” she stated, her ears shaking from the frost that had started to snow on the area.


“What a vivid description you have, tuh-tun!” Panther stated, “I bet you’re innocent!”

Reindeer gave a happy smile, knowing that she would no longer have to be worried about being accused. It also seemed like Torchlight was not pursuing any further with his claims, either, so as the conversation around who Bristle’s killer could be continued to flourish, Panther asked for Blush to make her statement. 


Blush heeded his call, and giving him a kind-hearted smile from her beak, she started to talk.


“After the sabotage had occurred, I ended up staying near the lights for a while in order to see if I could tell who sabotaged it. I was there until, like, 10:00 PM, and then I went to bed.” Blush said, her heart beating hard from the intensity of the situation. 


Reindeer suddenly spoke up, “Twen why did I see you up befowe twat!?”

Blush gave a confused look at Reindeer.


Blush looked awkwardly at the crowd, wondering what she did wrong. She knew that she hadn’t left the lights for hours, but it seemed that Reindeer had thought otherwise. This had resulted in Blush becoming speechless, leaving her in the hands of Panther, who believed that she was innocent.


For the other crewmates, however, they were not as sure if their rosy-furred friend was innocent of the crime. Ruby started to loudly question herself, wondering what her friend had been doing while she was gone. Pinecone and Mulberry, meanwhile, had started to talk amongst themselves, the hushed whispers of their voices radiating in the frozen winds. It had been an hour since the conversation first started, and the once-friendly camaraderie that was between the members of the crew had turned into a distrusting atmosphere filled with aggression and stress. Nevertheless, the discussion between the Permafrost members continued, with Panther soon turning to Torchlight to hear his story. 


The brown-and-cream nicheling had started to speak, his eyes quivering from the nerves that he was feeling.

“Well… I went away from the lights after you guys fixed it and started to wander around the island. It was then that I got hungry, and decided to go to the Cafeteria to get some food. I was alone the whole time, and when night came, I fell asleep! Tomorrow, I woke up, and I found Bristle’s body just sitting there in the water!” Torchlight panickily finished his sentence, bringing his knees to his hands as a reaction to the stress.


Mulberry folded his arms, brushing strands of his dirty blond mane out of his face. “I can confirm that he’s telling the truth. I saw him at the sight of the body with tears in his eyes.” Mulberry then gave a quiet sigh as he glanced at nothing in particular, “I feel bad for him. He doesn’t deserve this.”


The others nodded at Mulberry’s statement, and with the sight of Torchlight crying over Bristle’s body being well-known to the crew, they moved to hear what Panther had to say. The brown nicheling was quick to respond, and soon gave out his testimony.


“After the lights were sabotaged, I went back to the Cafeteria. The sabotage weighed heavy on my heart, tuh-tun, but I could do nothing about it… At least, at the moment. Nevertheless, tuh-tun! When the day passed, I went to wake up sleepy ol’ Pinecone and was then brought over to see the body. After that, I called the emergency meeting, tuh-tun!”


Nobody had anything to contradict Panther’s statement, and nobody was in the mood to make small talk. So Panther started to bring over some large horns and large collections of paper. The others were confused about what he was doing, but Panther explained to them what these strange resources were for. 


“The horns are for whenever you see a body. They’ll make a loud noise to bring everyone else over to report what has happened, tuh-tun. The papers, on the other hand, are for my proposed voting system, tuh-tun. Since times are tough and the murderer could be anyone one of us, tuh-tun, I have allowed you to vote out who you think the killer is and throw them into the icy cold water!”


Reindeer quickly protested, “We awe not twowing people into the water! Some of us can even breawhe undewatew, you know!”. Pinecone, Dall, and Torchlight agreed with her, making their own protests against such a barbaric practice. For the others, however, they saw that it could be beneficial. After all, the murderer could be any one of them, and with the variations in their biology that made them immune or resilient to certain attacks, getting rid of the killer by throwing them into cold waters may just be the best way for them. Few could survive the bottom of the ocean, after all, even those with gills on their bodies.


But the prospect of getting rid of any one of their friends still weighed on their minds. They had no idea who the murderer was, or why they were killing in the first place, so like startled animals, they started to panic. The crewmates had devolved into shouting, nervous remarks, and stressed yelping, with Panther giving each of them a horn and a paper before he marked his vote with a pencil. After the nichelings had calmed down and stopped arguing, they soon chose their own votes and gave them Panther, who said he would tally up the votes to see if someone gets ejected into the sea. Each nicheling then saw the results of the votes.



Skipped: VII

Pinecone: I


Nobody was ejected


“I’m surprised nobody voted for me.” Blush muttered to herself, looking at her paper and knowing that many people were suspicious of her.


Pinecone stared quietly at Ruby, knowing she was the one who voted for him. He had no idea his watchful eyes made him a suspect, but he also knew that people would do the craziest things under pressure, so when the other nichelings started to depart, he returned back to the Cafeteria to do some thinking.


The atmosphere in the Isle was tense, a foreboding warmth starting to heat up the place. Reindeer runs back into her station to continue working, Blush and Panther sit quietly together with only each other by their side, Torchlight nearby watching with watery eyes. Mulberry and Dall mutter quietly to each other, their eyes settled and their minds focused on Panther’s new methods. Ruby, meanwhile, had left all together to be near the berry bushes, for she felt they were the only things in this world that she could trust.


Bristle had been killed, and nobody knew who did it, but everyone was determined to find the root cause of this treachery. The only problem was, they had no idea where to start. So the impostors planned out their move, their eyes gleaming with an unseen force that glimmered when the moon rose.


After one-thousand years, I have finally uploaded the first discussion in Among Niche! It took me a while due to both working on other things and a lack of motivation, but I have managed to complete the first round. With Bristle dead and everyone wondering who did it, who do you think are the impostors, and how do you feel about the story so far?


Remember to tell me if there are any improvements to be made!

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It had been a day since Bristle was killed, and every nicheling on the island was at edge. They had calmed down enough to start talking to each other casually, but they were still tense around each other. Nevertheless, there were repairs that needed to be done, so Dall had packed up her stuff and moved into the Storage Room. She was never one to be hard-working, but she had been gone for a very long time, so she started to open up the small boxes besides her and organized each object by their shape and size. Within her curved ears, she heard the sound of a loud voice screaming, and a quieter, raspy voice tried to calm the other one down. Ruby and Pinecone were arguing just outside, and Dall was having none of it.


“Those two need to calm themselves down. Otherwise, it will be the killer’s chance.” She said to herself, her oddly glinting through the light that shined in the Storage Room. 


She then turned her head back to the task at hand, the metallic boxes that still held unorganized items. Slowly picking each one up in the palm of hands and eventually finishing up the process of organization, Dall left the room and started to look around before she left, thinking about Ruby and Pinecone’s argument and adjusting her flamingo hat out of her face as she walked onto the sad-looking grass buzzing with insects. 


Towering above the Storage Room below was the Weapons Room, where Reindeer was. She was very stressed about the situation that was at hand, but was trying to calm her nerves in the best way she could, by watching the bright, blinking light on her console that simulated the firing of the large turret that was just east of her. She heard the distant sound of arguing in the corner, but she just ignored it and continued to watch. 


“I can’t do twis.” She said to herself, “It’s two much!”
Reindeer got on her knees, thinking about all the situations that were in her head. She could get stabbed in the back, she could get strangled by someone, she could even be torn apart by claws of one of her friends. Anything could be the end of her, and anyone one of her friends could be the killer. What could be hiding behind the gentle, avian face of Blush or the toothy smile of Pinecone? She had no idea, so shuffling around the Weapons Room in search of something to defend her, she grabbed a small sword and circled her long tail around it. She turned her head, looking to see if anyone was behind, but nobody came.


Reindeer then started to rework the systems inside the small room, it had not been used in quite a while, after all. Hard at work and ever attentive as always, she adjusted the colorful wiring and the power systems that allowed the weapons to fire in the first place. She then started to dust the place with a large broom made up of dull, dark brown wood, the sound of loud sweeping interrupting whatever small animal had crawled into there. Then, she heard someone walk in. Reindeer yanked the sword from out of her tail, holding it to see whoever was there would run from the threat display. She still didn’t see anyone, however, and from behind her honey-brown back, she felt a pain.


“W-who’s twewe!?” Reindeer shouted as she swung the sword around.

There was no response, but she nevertheless attacked with a sudden swing, causing a splash of blood to fall on the floor, which started to writhe on the floor and caused the trail to expand. Reindeer gave a startled gasp before she felt the slam of something sharp and whoever attacked her ran. Reindeer was a very bulky nicheling and could take a lot of wear, so she quickly went to search for the assailant, exiting the Weapons Room and standing her ground against whoever or whatever was trying to kill her. She glanced at the bushes, and saw nothing.


Nothing but the strange, squirming blood that was on the ground. 


Meanwhile, hidden away from everyone and licking their wounds, the impostor started to mutter to themselves, thinking about the action they have just committed.


̵̛͍̜̻͈Â̶̬͙̎͗̐â̴̗͉͆a̷̘̾F̵̲̻̽F̵̰̝̜͝F̴̦̋͘ͅf̷̨͕̦̩̈̇̊̊R̵̮̈̉R̶̡̛̫̯̖͐̔̈R̶͖̂͌-̶͍̠̖̻͆̈́̃͗ ̸̧͎͖̔C̷̟͉̣̮̄̈ǫ̸̠̰̋m̷͙̗̓̓̂ė̸̪̰̽̓̕ ̸̺͆̐͝o̴̜͕͘͠n̷̢͉̍́͌̚.̵̡̫̫͋̊̄͠ ̵̟͋Ý̷̧̰̒̾ŏ̴̟͛u̴̮͗ ̵̭̺̊̒̈ͅh̵̞͇̳̹̄̒͠â̸͚͖̯͊v̷̖͙͌̈͊͊ẻ̴͚̙̹̜ ̵̧̳̫̮͗̚t̵̙̂̑o̶͕̻͕̤̾̑͆͘ ̴͉̫̑͋̐ͅh̸̡̨͖̆u̶̲̝͋̽̕n̴͙̂̑̚͝t̷̛̻͖̼͐͆̇.̷̞͗̄


S̷̡̬̾h̵̀̅ͅe̴̹̥̊̌ ̸͉͓̍̕w̸̙͊͜a̸̙͑̿s̸̻̀́ ̷̣͑͌t̴̗̀ĥ̶̰͂ë̵̼̙́ ̵̇͆ͅs̴̺͑t̵͉͈͋͠r̴̮̳̅o̴͉͐̈́n̸̪̬͠g̷͔͆è̴͇̣̌ś̸͉͚̀t̸͚͈̏ ̵̢̾̽o̸̡̞͐̕f̶̱̆ͅ ̵̧͈̈́̏ṱ̶̛̱̃h̵̛̳ẽ̸̯m̵̧͉̅.̶͎̔

̸͍͎͝W̷̨̋ḧ̴̲́y̴̰̫̐̋ ̴̭̻̒d̴̙̀̓i̵̤͑d̵̪̠̓̕ ̴͉̑Ḭ̷̧͋̆ ̴̢̂͒g̴͎̤̏o̵͙͎̅ ̸͉̊ͅā̷̲͆f̷͓̂̓t̴̤͓̚͠e̶͓̔̋r̸͎̙̋ ̴̨̣̊h̶͈́̊ė̷͚̟͠r̵͚̜̍͌,̸̣͕̾̈́ ̵̻̼́w̴̧͕͋̈́h̷̠͠y̷̡͍͛̃ ̷̰́d̸̜̅̉i̵̙͍͗ď̶̯ ̴̥̑̑I̶̱̤̿?̸͈̈́


̸̬͔͊̈́N̸͕̳͒e̵̯͘͝v̶̛͖̽ę̷͛r̶̠͒̈́ḿ̵̺͘ḯ̴̦̣n̵͙͝d̵̞̂,̶̗̫̌ ̸̝̕͠ŷ̵̖͈o̶̯̭̽͌u̷̘̎̈́ ̴̢͇̓̔m̴̧̺̾u̸͚͍͘s̴͙̃́t̴̨̢̊ ̴̤͈̈͠h̶͕͔͋u̸̥̺̽ņ̵̫͌̾t̴̨̊.̵̦̤̀͘

̶̪͍̇C̴͉̑o̷̥̞͐̇m̶̳͂̚ē̴̲̞̏ ̵̭̖̆o̸̪̻̅̒n̸̢͙̉,̷͔̱̚ ̴̱̌͗ͅň̸̞͔͛ö̶̦́w̷͇͉͂̔ ̶̨͚̋̓i̷̱̠̎t̴͎̓͂ ̷̺̒i̸͎̐s̸̛̖͇̿ ̶̥͓̅̂t̵̖̳̽̽í̵̝̃͜m̷̜̥̓ę̶̯̈́̃ ̴͎͗͜ẗ̴̲́̿o̵̧̜͋ ̶͔͖͑̈h̴͚̀̏ė̶ͅä̴̩̼́l̸͓̃͝.̴̧̗̏͆


T̶̖̏͂͋h̷̡̦̾̑͌̿̅̆̚͜e̸̛̜͐̓̔n̴̡͕̱̤̖̅̈̿̃͘ ̷̧̫̥͖͎̝͕̒͑̈̏ỵ̵̧̬͈͔̟͔̅̿̌̏̈́͑ő̵̰̭̱̠̞̜̈u̴̙̅̅̑͋͠ ̷̧̛̻̺͓̲́̔̔͆c̴͇̗̤̣͈̙̰̋͛͆ạ̸̖̜͍̳̄͛͐́͗͝ń̶̹̮̻͙͚̿̚ ̸̣̞͆a̴͇͛̑̽̅̕͝ċ̵̼͖̤̟̖͙̠̊̚͠͝t̵̳͗̔̑̀.̶̨̩̻̱̗̐͋


The impostor proceeded to do just that, and crawled out of the bushes and blended back into the crew. Nobody noticed anything wrong, and chatter continued to spread throughout the cold and empty winds of Polial Isle.


We have entered Round 2. Nobody has been voted out yet, but who do you think the impostors are? And who do you believe will kick the bucket next? Tell me below in the comments and make sure to give me some advice on how to make the story better!

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