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revanue for nyoma


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we need to think of ways for  stray fawn studios to get money, I mean, they obviously have enough for salary, but I'm talking about having enough so that they could expand as a buisness, and use there money for things as a buisness, other then games, I don't know what that is, but it might involve sponserships, or something else, point is, we need to think of more ways of revanue for this studio so that we can have future games be better, and so that they can hire more staff. please reccomend any ideas you have.

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This is very kind of you Zixvir :)
We always greatly appreciate it if players support us to make games we love and to maybe exspand the studio some day (to make even more games we love).

Whenever we come close to an important day (be it a Kickstarter launch, a launch on Steam, an update, etc) we usually send out newsletters, Discord messages and forum posts to let people know. We also sometimes provide a list of things people can do to help us!
One things players can always do if they want:
- Let your favorite Youtubers and Streamers know about our games
- Share our posts on social media from time to time
- Tell a friend about our games if you think they'd enjoy it

Many thanks to all of you for all your support ❤️


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Merch. MERCH. I really need Adam plush, Meringue plush, Niche stickers, Niche T-shirts, Onbu plush, Onbu stickers, Onbu t-shirts, and anything else you can think of related to Niche or Nyoma Wandering Village

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