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The Nicheling Treasury

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Every single one of my Niche stories/playthroughs, all listed in one spot.


Current Playthroughs

Among Niche

A Story-Based Crossover of Among Us and Niche, played out by the latter.

Returning back to their homeland after an expedition to a mysterious island, nine nichelings plan for the vacation of their life after successfully discovering various specimens they have gathered. As they start to settle back down, however, things start to go terribly wrong. The systems stop working, and people start to drop like flies. But who could be behind such a catastrophe? In this tense crossover between Among Us and Niche, nine nichelings must not only find out who the impostors are, but also deal with why the events are occurring in the first place.



The Gazelle Tribe - A Challenge for Everybody!

A Playthrough of the ‘A Challenge for Everybody!’ 

For some nichelings, their lifetime is very easy, but for others, life is always a challenge. This is the case for the Gazelle Tribe, whose life is always on the brink of extinction due to their frailty. In this gameplay-based challenge, one young nicheling will have to face the troubles of fearsome predators, tough environmental hazards, and the struggle of keeping a stable tribe population. Will her tribe thrive on the island that they call home? Or will they be demolished by the predators that lurk beneath the grasses?

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The Official Niche Timeline

1368-1443: A young nicheling named Iris lands on the island of Deeparc, forming a tribe nicknamed the ‘Gazelle Tribe’ that spreads across Deeparc until their destruction at the hands of bearyenas. (The Gazelle Tribe - A Challenge for Everybody!)

1733: Nichelings become advanced enough to form full-blown societies.


2130: A group of nichelings part of Permafrost form a base on their home island, Polial Isle.

2148: The Permafrost nicheling crew go to Florshore Isle, unwittingly picking up a virus that infects two of their crewmates.

2148: The Permafrost nicheling crew start to experience strange events caused by the virus, resulting in many members of their crew being killed. (Among Niche)

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