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Foggie boi (aka my second drawing with my new art tablet and it's much better than the first)


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I put a lot of time into this and I'm really happy with it ❤️ (still using the RecklessBee signature) For this second piece with the new tablet, I figured out some new Krita stuff (made it so the opacity doesn't change with pressure, made a couple presets, actually used the reference thing for once (his game pictures, Lilytuft's art and that piece Boston made for me when I got diabetes because I love her style so much)) and that was really helpful. I also experimented with not-so-perfect line strokes and coloring but in the stylistic way and it worked out pretty well and I'll keep on doing art like that!


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On 12/27/2020 at 11:43 AM, Sky said:

Also criticism and/or stuff you like about it is appreciated ❤️

I think this is a good direction for your art style. The colors are good together and their isn't any conflicting things. I really like this.

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