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snow sculptures

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Just now, definitely cookie said:

you kno like snowmen and stuff,, have you built any this winter? or last winter? or any winter?

the other day i built this snowcrewmate


I LOVE SNOW BUILDING. I build snow wolves cats dogs and foxes. There usually the actual size of the animal or species. 

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The last time it snowed here was a couple years ago. It was so light that you can barely see it in the photos I took. A few years before that it snowed enough that, after scraping all the snow I could off of our cars, I made a tiny, sloppy snowman that disappeared quickly. Annnnd that's all the snow I remember (that's been in my city--I've seen snow in New Mexico and Oklahoma, though not falling)

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4 minutes ago, A Nicheling said:

I wish we had snow on the country I live in. I would love to do snow nichelings and creatures.

I will for sure be doing niches this year! I never even thought about it, your brilliant!

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I first did just a normal one, without any horns, then after I got photos of it. (as I knew doing horns could possibly destroy it-) After that, I did both ram horns, and savanna... though it’s hard to do long pieces of snow, especially thin ones, so there a little off 🤣 

Also enjoy yet another photo bomb. Though this time by my mini Aussie, Sophie (who I have to constantly throw snowballs for while I’m building, otherwise she’ll bark at me, then attack whatever I’m building, so I will instead focus on her 🤨







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