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15 hours ago, pepper_ said:

formatting doesnt wanna work so im just doing this now ig

anywho this is just me crediting the art cuz i realized i probably should have been doing that...idk who made the gun one cuz pinterest is just dumb sometimes and doesnt like linking the correct image sadge

15 hours ago, pepper_ said:

f7c7ef47279416765142ca2eb6f1e3b5.jpg dokidokidraws on twitter



16 hours ago, pepper_ said:

9404424b6b43e98ec3948b29c123f5c1.jpgskimmit on reddit


15 hours ago, pepper_ said:

bca64c05b38a22a82bc35048ae6d0336.jpg pinterest leads to foolb0t on twitter, but im not sure if thats right


15 hours ago, pepper_ said:


VAN-arts on twitter




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