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Family Tree Improvments


I think the family tree is a bit stark. Heres some suggestions to spruce it up.

1. Pantheon/Saved beloved nichlings menu

This could be accessed from the main menu of family tree. You add nichlings in game using the family tree by basiclly clicking on their icon and clicking a button that says save nichling permanantly. From then on, they would show up there. You can always delete nichlings from your Beloved Nichling Menu. This is just something I think people would like, like if they wanted to save their Eve or starters, or a nichling that does something cool

2. Blurbs

I know part of the fun of niche is totally the stories you can think of for your creatures! This would be like a little bio button you could write a short thing in to use as a story thing, or as a place to store information like: 

Vandukduk: Has good babies with Rekoko. *DON'T MATE HIM WITH ISRE, RECESSIVE BLINDNESS*

That thing, etc. 

3. Dead branch. Do I have to explain much? A family tree branch for dead ancestors. I know this would be painful to code, but yeah.

4. The ability to highlight genetics. Basiclly you could click your nichlings genetic (for example i'm saying scorpion tail) If you left click scorpion tail, it would tell you what it does. If you left click, that gene will be highlighted in all times you click that nichling. This would also expand the search gene feature, it would highlight the gene you look like out of the family as well.

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This is a good suggestion! It always sucks how nichelings just dissapear from tree as soon as dead if no children and as soon as children die if had children. It would be difficult for developers to add in though, and would make the family tree difficult to run for lower end computers. (My current family trees already lags mine, though I have over 100 nichelings currently so). If it was something you could turn on and off in settings may be worth it.

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