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I'll draw your nichelings... Again!

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Hey gang ya boy's back at it again. I'm gonna draw more nichlings and NO ONE CAN STOP ME


1. A ref of their full body (any parts not showing, like their tail or paws, please tell me what they are.) 

2. Character's pronouns/gender would be preferred, but not really required.

3. Character's name

4. Please specify if you want a background, or if you want a headshot or fullbody.


1. You can use my art for pfps and what not as long as you credit me!

2. Please don't rush me or constantly bug me, I have other things going on as well.

Examples of my art for reference: 

Untitled184_20200520190119.png.e0e0836f54716ef9294a4b8ad665a0c3.png Ille (gift for my friend)

Untitled533_20201003192421.png.2b432b61b55dbae6da94ba6187f94ced.pngParadox (another gift for my friend)

Untitled539_20201004155732.png.768f1dfb955e38ba95501b3b86f2b264.pngPars (God of mine)

Untitled683_20201128155341.png.2d7954a70f7896649456df56b0af09e1.pngKirre (random oc lolol)

(Please don't use any of the art above for profile pictures/banners/etc)

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I couldn't choose just one so uh- you can choose between these two. (Forest canonically has her right side torn from the side of her face to her shoulder, so idk if you wanna do that)

Kenzie is my nichesona so she,, exists

Forest is an animal-whispering nicheling that lives in the woods.

I'd like a fullbody, but whatever you want to do with them is fine! ^v^

2020-12-26 (79).png

2020-12-26 (66).png

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