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“Hey Kor, where’d your mom go?”

“She went down the stream! Didn’t you see her go? She said she heard someone crying!”



Kkukiko jolted awake and yanked his paw away, looking down at the blood on his paw before looking at Mesiana. “What the heck was that for?!”



Kor sat between the boulders, body iced over from the cold weather, multiple layers built up from the days he spent stuck to the ground.




“Huh? What happened?” The male lifted his head to look down at Kidu and her new cub.

“He keeps biting at me!”

“Kidu, he’s just a cub, he doesn’t mean it.” Kidelk sighed and curled back up into a ball, laying his head down on his paws.

There was silence for a few moments, but it was cut off by a loud yelp. Kidelk quickly turned to see Kidu backing up into the boulder behind her, red dotting her pure white fur.

Kidelk shoved the cub out of the nest, growling defensively while curling around Kidu.




Welcome to Zombeiche : )

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Kiduku lay curled around her cub, ignoring the bites at her tail and claw. She had brushed them off as the cub playing around with her, even if some of the bites were a little deep.

“Uhm.. Kiduku, those seem pretty deep. You should try to find a healer.” A pink female spoke up, nudging the grey female with her duck beak.

“Stop being such a worry-wart, Kino, she’s only playing!”

“That doesn’t look like play. Kiduku, you’re bleeding.” Kino gently pried the cub’s teeth off of Kiduku’s tail, then gave the cub a stick to bite at.

“Just a little bit. I’ll be fine, the air will heal it.” Kiduku rolled onto her back and spent some time enjoying the son, ignoring the pain of the bites.

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Luido jolted awake when she heard a yelp, then she sat up and turned to see Mesiana biting her cub’s ear. Luido quickly separated the two, bringing the cub closer to herself and beginning to growl at Mesiana. “You don’t bite cubs! What kind of mother are you?!”

Mesiana growled back, jumping forward to bite at the cubs again. Luido kicked her away, hovering protectively over the cubs.

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