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ok yep sonar sucks im not playing dragon adventures anymore.  ery has better things to be doing than stealing from PL, like looking after the larvae on her window 😑

and im not even mad about the bans, they stopped doing that since they magically gained a braincell, its just the fact that sonar has been known to steal a lot, and ery literally didnt pay her devs, fired one for calling her out, and then finally paying them as soon as drama happend about it.

if anyone wants a dragon or something just @ me, im not giving away any event items/ dragons tho. just tell me what you want and ill check if i have it

also sick of DA becoming a dumpsterfire with every update. like its not that hard to listen to your games fanbase, the only thing we want is to be able to sell eggs and potions but NO rushed dragons is all were ever gonna get, and a terrible recode smh



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