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grimm's homethread

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hmm...... i've been on the forums for a long time, i might as well finally make a homethread for myself >:v) first things first, i can introduce myself to make things easier for people i've not yet met. i'll do other things too eventually lol.


hello! i'm dolan, but i'll be using the name grimm as it's more recognizable as me. i'm male, i go by he/him. i'm bi and taken. i'm a huge fan of niche, and have been since 2016. i bought the game in 2018 and have been playing since then. i own the game on pc, as well as switch. i also beta-test for the mobile version being developed :v0 my favorite gene is the derp-snout, i fell in love with it as soon as i first saw it LOL. whenever my tribe doesnt have a single member with one, i intentionally breed it in <:v)


my interests include niche of course, pokemon, sonic, and fortnite (dont bully me). i make ocs for all those interests i just mentioned, but niche + pokemon are my main focus. i make stories with my characters, and i also draw a lot. my favorite pokemon are rotom mow/frost, grimmsnarl, perrserker, alolan golem, gumshoos, clefable, and countless others. as you can probably guess, i've got a bunch of ocs based on those few pokemon alone LOL. if youre interested at taking a look at my art and characters, look over here :v)


my social medias are here, click them to go to them:: Toyhou.se FurAffinity  Weasyl DeviantArt  


planned posts for this thread:: lore on my niche story (explaining why they're anthro), posting my art and ocs, sharing cool nichelings ive gotten, tba


also here's my oc because why not LOL, he's a demon grimmsnarl. art is by me


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Hello there

I also kinda like Pokémon and Fortnite (but not nearly as much as before as they ruined most of the fun. RIP airplanes) I also joined in 2018!

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gonna immediately explain my lore here, i'm excited to share::


i've made an alternate universe where nichelings ended up evolving similar to how humans ended up. slowly over millions of years, they stood on their hind-legs, formed communities, founded governments, built buildings, etc. in this universe, humans never existed, so nichelings took up that role. bearyenas, arctic ramfoxes, etc also evolved alongside them. kind-of like how humans and neanderthals were similar to eachother, but not exactly the same. nichelings, bearyenas, etc share the same intelligence, though. the distinctions between regular bearyenas, killer bearyenas, and friendly bearyenas has been eliminated though, as they're all categorized as just bearyenas now. some species such as dodomingos stayed mostly the same, though. new species have also popped up too. rabbils are also more human-like too, and nichelings no longer rely on them for food. they choose to eat the less-sentient animals, like how humans will eat a cow, but not another human (unless you're weird like that).


of course nichelings have also developed new genes not seen in-game, and other genes are nearly entirely phased out (such as the deformed paw). some of these "less-practical" genes stayed though, such as the derp snout and the wings. of course they aren't too much of a bother, but many nichelings believe other nichelings with these genes are inferior, which introduces a whole new problem. groups have been formed to "eliminate" nichelings with these genes, but must be kept incredibly secret as to not be outed to police. while practicality was the focus during the early days of nichelings, these more modern nichelings usually focus on beauty. derp snouts aren't as crooked as they used to look, and short-sighted nichelings now have glasses. blind nichelings arent as helpless as they once were, as modern nichelings have developed empathy for impaired members of their kind, and have chosen to keep them alive despite what nature says. "survival-of-the-fittest" does not really apply to these modern nichelings.


nichelings have outgrown their need for the gems on their chest, and they are now purely an aesthetic thing. the color of their gems determines the color of a nichelings eyes, blood, internals, etc though. so, if a nicheling has blue gems, their eyes etc will also be blue. if their gems are somehow cut or damaged, they will ooze out colorful liquid. if treated properly, though, their gems can be healed in as little as a few weeks with no long-term issues. surprisingly, this doesn't hurt. just mildly uncomfortable.


venomous and poisonous nichelings still have their effect, but it will barely harm other nichelings and bearyenas. they only harm other species such as ramfoxes and rabbils. antidotes have been made for both nicheling poison and venom, so even if someone gets hurt, it wont last.


spiky body nichelings still have their spikes, but they're not as dangerous as they used to be. they now can grow tails.


the heat body (i forgot what it's called) is still around, but not very common. it's usually seen in colder communities.


water genes are still around, and they're more useful than they used to be. webbed paws have fused with better paw options, so things such as webbed claws are a thing now. water nichelings are still very aquatic, but can live on land completely fine.


prehistoric genes aren't so prehistoric anymore, as they've become more common than they once were.


if i missed any weird genes that i should clarify, let me know so i can add them

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Interesting, I also love to create stories.

My favorite is one that is part of a series I’m working on, it is Star Wars-like.

In that universe the technology has advanced quickly and many changes have happened to the nichelings.

They are not longer part of the food chain, they now control their planet and all species on it. Most genes have disappeared as survival was not necessary on the modern world. Most of my “nichelings” have 

-2 runner legs

- normal hind legs

- normal tail

- medium body

- no horns

- good eyesight (technology has advanced enough to fix eyesight problems, including blindness)

- The gems have disappeared too as they where no longer necessary. (To denote rank now they have those things imperial officers use)

- The only few things that still change are the patterns and colors as well as the snout. The different countries have a predominant snout and some also color. (Soviets have red fur, good nichelings have either “medium snout” (A mix of short snout, poison fangs and big snout) or derp snout)

They are organized in large countries of thousands or even millions of inhabitants ruled by different types of governments. They have reached technology beyond Star Wars and most other Niche species have gone extinct or reduced to inhabited islands. Also these “nichelings” have developed advanced spacecraft and live on many planets.

My version of Adam the Second



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