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Everyone can apply to be a Niche Mobile Tester! (No more requirements)


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Hi everyone!

Since we are entering the final testing phase for Niche - Breed and Evolve, we decided that you don't need to fulfill the past requirements anymore!

If you are interested, just post down below and I will give you the Niche Mobile Tester role and you're good to go!
It would be cool if some of you who never played Niche - Breed and Evolve yet, would want to test it.
For more information on the final testing phase, you can check out the new post in the Niche Mobile Tester hidden section, as soon as your role is updated.

Once you're approved, you can access the niche mobile hidden tester section. Read the pinned post to get started :)

Have fun!

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I'd like to be a tester if thats ok.
But I would like to mention if you give me the opportunity to do this, and I end up opting out, thats because my phone is acting derpy so... ;v;
(If the download is a transferable then I may have no problems)

Tyy <3
I love niche

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