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Pollination nation! [Pollination mechanics]


I was trying to make a bee then realized, hey, there are real life pollinators and plants need them to grow and stuff.

So, there are multiple pollinators with special abilities. It would fir nicely into niche, even as a separate entity entirely!

List of pollinators

Let's start with basic pollinators, there are...

Birds, (like hummingbirds) bats, (perfect! we already have bat genes!) butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, wasps, small mammals, and bees.

Now, lets narrow this list down a bit to make it a bit more compatible with niche.

Birds, bats, small mammals, and bees.

This may seem short, but there's a lot coming.

For all these pollinator genes, we need a way to collect nectar and do other stuff with it!

Pollination + nectar collection stats

This would kind of work like attack or collecting abilities! Only if you have no nectar collection stats, you can't collect from flowers, even if you have a pollinator stat.

If a gene has nectar collection, nectar can be used as a food source! You can only get one food from nectar, so it may not be worth it, but there's a bit of a catch!


so, in real life, plants need to be pollinated to produce fruits. Now, in niche, when the rain comes, berries automatically regrow, and it's completely fine and makes the game hard when you don't have rain for a long time, but maybe, to regrow, plants would need to be pollinated by using nectar collection on one plant, then another before rain comes. (so the pollen stays on) Now, a pollinated plant could have a different scent view so you know that it has been pollinated.

(just ideas, not in any way close to something I'd imagine)


But green! You may shout, What if you don't have pollinator genes?

Separate pollinators

A lot of players will tell me to 'make pollination a sandbox option.' What would be the point of the genes, then? But people will be annoyed that I object, and say that you will have to have pollinator genes if this is how this goes. Well, easy fix! Separate pollinator entities! The hummingbee, an entity I made in a separate suggestion, would work perfectly! I gave it a new look and everything!


There would most likely be at least one nest/hive on every island as long as there is a tree. They can't travel across water and they can't spawn if it gets too cold. (below average temperature)

How would you get these guys to pollinate flowers? Would it just be AI guiding them to flowers they can sense? Well, kinda...

If a pollinator is too far away and can't sense the plant(s) that you need it to pollinate, you can take a flower out of the ground (if you have at least one collecting ability) and lead it towards wherever you want to lead it to. But, if it gets too close it will get scared and either A) string you, in which case you drop the flower you are holding or B) run away, making you have to start the process over again. 

You're better off just being predators? Right? Wrong.

Spawn conditions

This may be a stretch, but it would balance out the game again. Been trying to balance everything throughout this post. Rabils would need to have a berry bush, lets say, at most, 20 spaces away from their spawn to, well, spawn! And for every berry visible on each bush, 1 rabil will spawn in. And if there are no berries that they can sense around them, they will go back to their burrow if they are still within it's range. And with less prey, comes less predators. Say bye to having wings be your saving grace. The spawn rate of bluebirds will drop, as rabils are their main source of prey. Bareyenas will still spawn, though, as they mostly prey on nichelings.



Now for the moment you've been waiting for! Drumroll please!

Gene time!

Now, I don't have many ideas, but I have a few, and I know you guys will have ideas, too!

Bee body

A fuzzy body that pollen sticks to easily

+1 defense

+1 Heat resistance

-1 Cold resistance

+2 Pollinator

Hummingbird Head

Why the long face? I mean beak? It's like bird beak, but tweaked to be longer!

+2 smelling

+2 Nectar collection

+1 Pollinator

And bat head gains +1 nectar collection and +1 pollinator!


And this, folks, is what goes through my mind when I'm bored!

Sorry for how long this is and how little art there is! Stray fawn kinda just died

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I didn't like the sound of this at first but it is a cool suggestion and there's alot of detail put into it. I don't know if you should be able to lead hummingbees with a flower (cause it's a little unrealistic and they'd have to try and hold it in their mouth). Although if you are able to maybe it should be the flowers from flower ports? And if you get stung you should take a damage or 2 and maybe have poison for couple turns if you don't have poison resistance. Also, like the bunnies the hummingbees should roam around until they find food so eventually if there's no polinatable berries within their range the range would extend or they'd send out scouts to find new bushes. Once a hive knows about that bush it would be marked in their ai somehow so they would send out bees to pollinate it from then on. Also, maybe they'd agro on a nicheling next to a berry bush they just found, or maybe if you're near their nest an aggressive hummingbee would come out to attack you until you retreat from the area, (unless you have a flower or maybe a specific gene or skill). Making them a new danger too. And you should be able to try and attack the nest to get food (maybe honey or the bees themselves) but if you do there's a chance multiple hummingbees will spawn to defend the nest and attack any of the nichelings of the tribe around the nest.

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I really like this idea! I think it's a bit complicated, but it's cool!

Depending on the size of the hummingbees (I was thinking they'd be smaller than nichelings), maybe nichelings could get the hummingbee genes by interbreeding with them? If the hummingbees are around the size of a nicheling (maybe a bit smaller), then they could interbreed normally. However, if the hummingbees are much smaller, I was thinking that there could be abnormal hummingbees, ones that were much larger (a bit smaller than or the size of a nicheling). I think this would be cool because it's a bit random chance, like having baby bearyenas show up to tame and get genes from.

One other thing I thought of is that, since bees have six legs, maybe the hummingbees' hind legs could be hummingbird-like (like the ones you have in your drawing), while they also have four smaller legs on the front of their body. If this gene was transmitted to a nicheling through interbreeding, one hummingbee arm/paw/leg on a nicheling would be two small vertical ones on one side of the nicheling's body.

Four front leg stats:

- +2 nectar collection

- +1 collecting

I also attempted to make art of a hummingbee with the four front legs (I didn't add any color, but I hope you like it):



Anyway, sorry for rambling, overall I think it's a pretty cool idea!

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