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Family groups



In niche I love to make stories, and I am currently on the archipelago. Now, when my niche creatures are on a way far away island from the rest of the tribe who can't get to them and maybe don't even know they're there, and still eat from the same large 400 food big food pile telepathically and communally shared, story-wise it gives me a headache. When a group that hasn't gathered food for 5 turns doesn't have to struggle for food for survival because of this, it annoys me even more. So I set about making up in my mind a solution. Here it is: family groups.

Family groups will still be apart of the same tribe, your large over-all tribe, but would only share food and nesting material with eachother. Basically, they are smaller groups that have their own creature counter, food counter, and nesting material counter. You don't have to use family groups. They will not ever be automatically created. In fact, the creatures in family groups don't even have to be related, (or even live nearby or be close to eachother though I would make sure my family groups are that way). They are simply mini-tribes within your tribe that, like families, share resources and provide for eachother. They would probably mainly be used for story purposes and challenges, but could also be used for managing your tribe if you have a large one (or even if you don't!)

So if family groups were implemented, this is basically how they would work: Family groups are created by you. Somewhere on the GUI or on your screen there would be a new icon. Click it and this brings up the Family Group Menu. From here you can create and name family groups, and move nichelings from one family group to another. When you first open it up there would only be one family group named something like "main tribe." Perhaps from this menu you could even name your main tribe and type a short description or even mark creatures as leaders ect. Also, ideally, you should be able to click on each creature in here to bring them up like family tree. Or at least it should show their name, gender (through color like family tree) and rank (alpha, beta, or omega), (so if you had two creatures with same name you could at least temporarilly differentiate them by rank).

In the main tribe window, you can click add family group. This adds a new family group under main tribe. You can always add multiple family groups under main tribe or maybe add family groups inside of family groups (which would do nothing practically that I can think of but may help you keep track of which family groups came from where and may be useful for story purposes). Once a new family group is added you can drag creatures from main tribe to this family group, and back again. Since this is really for story purposes and for you the player you can change it as much as you want without consequence (except that it might waste some of your time if you're constantly doing so lol).

So, how would this work in game? Would you still be able to click all your creatures and play normally? The answer is yes. While it is helpful storywise and organization woise to keep family groups together, you do not have to. When you click on a niche creature your food, nesting material, and creature counters will change based on which family group they're apart of, so this would no longer be showing constantly on your gui, or maybe if you unselect a creature without selecting another you can see how many creatures are in your tribe overall, and how much food total all the family groups have collected, (same for nesting material). Overall materials will only matter if you go onto the next island, in which case all resources will be pooled and all family groups left vacant with the creatures going put back into the main tribe. You can put them back into their family groups once on the next island. It will now matter which nicheling picks up food or clears grass ect. cause that resource will go to their family group. You must keep track of how much food each family group has if you have them because it is possible for one to have plenty of food and another to starve. Also there should be a hotkey to switch between family groups (will switch to random creature of that family group which still has moves in much the same way tab takes you to a creature that still has moves).

So can I still share food amoungst all my family groups or are those without food destined to starve? Well you can simply change the creatures family group leaving the starving family group vacant, (but if you leave a vacant group for 2 turns it will dissapear along with any resources in it). Also forgot to mention this earlier but when you create a family group you should be able to choose how much food it starts with. But short of these things, and saying you want to share food, it is as simple as placing a creature from the family group whose food you want to give next to a creature of the family group needing the food. Then, under the creature of the group who needs the food (under both actually) will appear an icon like when you place a male and female next to eachother and there is a mate option, except it is a food icon (maybe a berry or a paw giving berry). When you press it, a pop-up will come up asking how much food you wish to give. You can only give up to however much the giving family group has (if they have none u can give 0 of course). There is a slider or number selector or typing bar or whatever, and then you can click ok to give that much, or cancel to cancel. Just like selecting the pointy stone to travel, pressing the icon itself takes a move, regardless of whether you press ok or cancel.

Alphas are only alphas of their family groups, and will only eat first out of that family group. They cannot eat from another family groups food, so it is possible to have an alpha starve and an omega of another family group live.

So yeah, that's the family group feature suggestion :) There's alot in there! I hope you didn't grow bored reading it lol. Also hope it's not too much for the developers to implement cause I know they are busy right now and work hard. I hope at least some of my suggestion eventually makes it into the game. I know it would be useful and fun to play with for players like me. Let me know what you think.

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6 hours ago, Lilytuft the idiot said:

I've seen suggestions for this before, but this is the most in-depht one yet

Yes, I write very detailed and long suggestions and even posts usually :) It's my default setting lol.

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On 2/5/2021 at 3:41 PM, Beachmir said:

I think this is an awesome idea!! This is also how I play and it would keep my creatures more organized 

I'm glad this would help you :) I hope the devs add it

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