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Rogue female


hi I'm a newbie in this community I've been following the niche game since the bta and I didn't even know there was a forum to talk to fellow nichelings hello!

Anyway I have a suggestion for the game where there's a feature for a new Rogue female. Since we have Rogue males.

Rogue females could have a territory they stay in and have atleast 1-2 babies along with them(maybe 3). When you click them you could possibly smell their territory range.

If you approach their territory they could smell you depending on their sense of smell and try and drive you out the territory by attacking. Babies try and stay in a singular area(the territory, that's where they wander)and you can add them to your tribe once you get rid of the rogue. They will do all they can to protect the babies so they will keep attacking you until your out of their territory.

Now for their turns im not sure if you should make them move like how normal Rogue males move everytime you do a turn. Or each day they move 3 tiles like bearyeanas.


I thought this was a fun little thing to add to killer islands or hard islands if possible since this seems like a difficult task to deal with. And it will add more challenge to those islands!


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