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Impys aet house where I'm ded


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  • Impy10 changed the title to Impys aet dump/hometread: Screams of Pain

So, I have some ideas for a Minecraft story server

  • Countries are called domains instead
  • Each domain has a different main rule eg. One day could have the rule of not killing any
  • If three people or more want to leave a domain has to oblige
  • You get three cannon lives before you die
  • After ten minor deaths, you loose a cannon life
  • Stealing, griefing and pet killing are allowed as long as it's in the script
  • If only one or two people want to leave a domain, the leader can stop him
  • Nuetral domains are seen as bad and are attacked just to get them to choose a side
  • Nuetral people that aren't in a domain must not build in any domains territory
  • Domains, unless there is a village already there, don't have a collective place everyone there live's
  • Anyone in a domain is allowed to live anywhere in their domains territory
  • Leaders have to make three laws at the start alongside the Main Rule
  • Minor deaths are deaths that either are not a big part of the story, are an accident or are not ment to be a death
  • There must be a place where everyone in a domain can go and chat news
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I have a special way I play Castle Cats

Basically, its a warriors version.

Every time you sen a cat on a quest, you roll from 1-4 (1,2 and 3 their safe and 4 means they die. can change depending on the season). If they die, you generate why they die and write hat down

You also have to name everyone how you would a normal warriors oc

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Here are an idea for the Origins mod;

A hybrid between a sheep and a human
+ Self Shave: you gain 1 block of wool every 2 minutes
+ Herd Collaboration: You gain a 2 minute strength boost when around sheep, pets or other players
+ Spoiled Soul: You have one extra heart
+ Buoyancy: You can float on water without jumping up
- Vegan: You can't eat any products that come from animals
- Prime Target: When alone, enemies do one point more damage

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