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Seperate Tribes/packs



For all us story-oriented niche players out there. Also, I know you said you'd never add it but I do have an idea for how Niche multiplayer could work linked to this. So like it if you want to see my very detailed Niche multiplayer suggestion.

I have already suggested family groups:


So what is different about completely separate tribes? Well, you wouldn't be able to simply drag back and forth creatures from the Family Group Menu into different tribes. In fact, different tribes would have completely different family group menus. You also couldn't simply click on a creature of another tribe to switch to controlling that creature. Different tribes would have different names, different alphas, different food and nesting material counters, creature counters, and creatures. Tribes could possibly trade with eachother, and definitely could attack those from a different tribe.

To switch between tribes there could be an icon on your screen for each tribe. What the icon would be could be set by you or maybe it would just be the tribes name, initials, color, number, ect. There could also just be a single button that brings you to another tribe when you click it, (kinda like setting gem colors, you click the gem to cycle through the colors). Or a tribe menu from which you can see all tribe descriptions/relations (set by you the player so you can keep it all straight) and switch between different tribes. Also there could be a key set to switch between different tribes like tab switches to creatures who still have moves. It would bring you to a creature in that tribe that still has moves. Maybe if you hold the key down and click a creature from a different tribe you switch to that creature and that creature's tribe.

So if you can't simply create a tribe and drag every character you want into that tribe, how do you even make tribes in the first place? An alpha (or maybe omega) creature has under itself a new icon when that creature is selected, if you click it a GUI pops up saying "Make a new tribe?" and maybe explains a bit about tribes and what they  So once you click yes you can select every creature that tribe starts out with from the main tribe, the creature whose icon you clicked is automatically selected and cannot be unselected. If you select a mother with a newborn they are both selected since on the same hex and it makes realistic sense too. There's two buttons you can click on this screen "done" and "cancel". Cancel goes back to the main tribe without creating a new tribe. Because creating a new tribe is an action of the creature who presses it, it costs one action point even if you don't go through with it.

Once a tribe is created, they can get new members by inviting in wanderers and breeding like normal. A child is automatically in the tribe of it's mother, (or maybe it can be selected which tribe they are apart of by the player upon birth through a pop-up). Tribes can also invite in creatures from other tribes. It takes 5 food to attempt. Since the player is in charge of all tribes they can choose if the creature is allowed to leave or not. Perhaps there can be a third option in the pop-up saying "let them choose" which has a random chance of the creature staying in their home tribe or joining the other. Maybe omegas and younger creatures are more likely to join, where-as babies with their parents in the home tribe, alphas, and older creatures are more likely to stay in the tribe they are currently in. Other factors could be factored into this as well, but they may take more extensive coding and aren't really necessary.

I mentioned "trading" in my introduction paragraph. How trading would work is a creature of Tribe A goes up to a creature of Tribe B. Under Tribe B's creature there is now an icon (the same way when a male and female are next to each-other a breeding icon appears). Tribe A's creature clicks the icon and a Trade Menu pops up, showing how much food and nesting material they have. They can trade food for nesting material. From this menu they can also just gift food and nesting material for story purposes too. Also, you should be able to trade creatures for food and nesting material from this menu by putting in an amount and selecting which creature should go to the other tribe.
This is not slavery. But seriously this would provide a way to get creatures from one tribe to another without inviting them (I forgot to mention that once you try and invite a creature in an fail there is a cooldown of like 5 or even 10 turns). Also it gives something else to trade then just food and nesting material. Once such a trade has happened the creature selected automatically becomes apart of the other tribe, you can move them closer to their new tribe for story purposes, but you don't have to.

Also, you should be able to give food, nesting material, and/or creatures for treaties. The third kind-of like when kingdoms married their children for peace. They're just text entered by the player that shows up in the tribe menu under both tribes or wherever the developers decide to put it that says things like Tribe A can now pass through Tribe B's land at will. Or Tribe B will give 5 nesting material to Tribe A every 2 turns. Or Tribe A and Tribe B are now allied and will not attack eachother's creatures. Or all of the above, ect. And perhaps you can mark certain treaties "kept" or "unkept" but that really doesn't matter in singleplayer anyways so let's move on. 

Finally, members of different tribes cana actually attack eachother. Gone are the days of having to banish creatures or using commands to inflict damage on nichelings from other nichelings in your tribe for story purposes. Also, using this you can actually have a niche war. It's totally realistic. But seriously, it would be great for story purposes and who doesn't want to try that out? I mean, it would be epic... And besides, even if animals don't have full-out wars they do attack eachother. The closest I can think of to wars in the animal world would be two colonies of ants attacking eachother. Nicheling wars would be kind-of like that. And you could use this in a limited fasion to have two different tribes fight over food sources and territory markers as wolves and other animals do in the wild.

So this is a suggestion for being able to make and control seperate tribes in niche. If you like this please upvote it :) Also, if you you have any comments or suggestions reply to this thread with those. Thanks for reading this.



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