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10 Days


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10 days.



Those words echoed in my head, I didn't know how to feel about them.

Everything I known was here.

Everyone I loved was here 

They were just going to throw that away? 

Our families? Our lives?

Everything we have ever known?

They were going to take it away?

Of course they were going to. 

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A Harsh World


"We Can't be here.."

"We can't leave! How are we supposed to do anything? In a few days the tribe will be guarding the exits from this island!"

"At least we could try.."

"We would end up dead in a day."

"We could survive out there. I know it!" 

"I doubt we will even make it halfway to the island without one of us drowning."


ignore the balance bear and ram foxes in the background-

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finally got an idea for this!


Chapter 1

The Leader


The group of three nichelings walked through the snow 

They had to get away. 

The leader had forced them here.

They would never see their family ever again.

"I guess.. we could try.."

"We have to be quick then.."



The pink nicheling struggled in the leader's grasp.

"You don't have to do this! Please!"

The whole tribe watched the the pink nicheling.

"Why would my own father do this?"

"Did you only bring me to kill me?"

"Of course I did."

"I never wanted you."


Red stained the water below as the pink nicheling was roughly thrown in.

The nicheling disappeared under the waves..


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