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7 hours ago, sussy deltarune said:

well you can get cookie run kingdom on pc but idk about ovenbreak [but i mean ob probably wouldnt work very well anyway]

I recommend getting ob on phone, and getting crk on pc (through bluestacks)

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Just now, spamton deltarune said:

i need advice

how do i make cool art like all the cool kids are doing

simple, just cry a lot 👍

uuhhh and study anatomy and all that crap

i remember i just got some png of just,,a person, put it in a drawing program and lowered the opacity, then just drew over it with shapes n stuff to figure out what looked like what. it actually was really useful!

also! doodling things frequently is really good! for some reason whenever i get into moods of like "draw! draw all the time!!!" then my brain just suddenly realizes how things are supposed to look. but im definitely not an advocate for forcing yourself to draw every day cos then youll just hate everything if you try and make yourself do that lol. but drawing regularly absolutely does help!

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