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roleplay but like,, really badly

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5 hours ago, gamingcookie said:

*reads mind*

well no, you just read my post, so you would have to piece it from that.

3 hours ago, Lilytuft said:

*turns everyone into different kinds of berrybushes. zix is a cactus becasue sadn*

what does sadn mean?

oh wait, SAND.


well i'm guessing normal bushes.

if living:

I get out of the sand and onto my many roots I'll walk with.

I attack by spinning in a circle "laying down" where I'm in that position, but my roots are on the ground.

I can plant myself, and look like the rest of the normal ones.

I can kick sand with my roots.

I can grow berries, and probably plant them, but maybe they don't  grow unless pollinated.

with the berries I can lure things.

For example, I could lure a bunnel, and squish it, then have it's fertilizer after burying it.

I could also kill for vengeance.

but if I'm gonna get out of the desert, then  I'd have to get a giant pot, so that my roots would would work.

I could dunk it in water with my roots, and my roots are pretty long, so this would work.

my pot would be my bed.

I would need nutrients, so I'd want a worm pot and stuff.

probably either as a hat or as a bag.

but that's IF I'm moving cactus.

and that's just a plan. 

Btw, this is an rp (kinda) so maybe this is gonna be fun. For the person that said they were gonna animate this, have the chat going one at a time and slower, but different since I know what I am, and that would be about it.

a cactus from niche.

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