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Here's this random prophecy thingy i did randomly at like 2am


Echoes of a time long since past,

Young sparks doused before their time,

A gold-laden hound forcefully resting,

Living heat unerring,

When one star-touched spark grows into a flame,

Ignorance unleashing,

A silvery savior always unsung,

Tragedy is nearly gifted,

Bathed in old revenge,

But no fight between flame and its heat,

Spite harkened away by love,

And so all are home loftily,

Until the echoes cry for blood once more.



There is actually a meaning to it



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On 7/21/2022 at 12:23 AM, Stellarshade said:

I made Serana of Skyrim fame in ck2 with the agot mod. She has her own private island in the Vale and was also given high lordship for some reason. In that same savefile, Rhaenys Targaryen became Lady Paramount of Qohor (she named her firstborn after her sister : D), Aegon and Visenya's only child Aerea is the heir to the Iron Throne (if Rhaenys' unborn child is a boy there might be a dance of dragons kind of deal? Aegon nominated Aerea to be his heir even if he has a son like Rhaenyra in canon so). Serana is currently a high ranking member of the alchemist guild and has been married twice to two brothers who are wildlings (kinda ooc for her but then again i don't think she's even interacted with them so)

I eventually had Serana quit the guild so that they wouldn't figure out she was immortal. She eventually had 5 kids with her second husband, who i all named after Skyrim characters:






Then hubby died of old age and Serana patrimarried the LP of the Iron Isles Lodos Botley (Greyjoys died out on the male line) and had a daughter (Ortana Botley) after Lodos died of totally natural and not murdery causes. He also lost the lordship to the previous LP's daughter.

Oh also Rhaenys'unborn child was another daughter she named after her mom. She later had a son.


Now, let's talk about Aerea Targaryen. As the heir of the Iron Throne despite her younger halfbrothers, she was in hiding until her twenties when I console commanded her in my prison and released her so that she could get married. She got married patrilineally. Six times. AI i frigging swear. She FINALLY matrimarries a Velaryon I kidnapped for this exact reason. Her husband proceeds to immediately cheat on her 🙄

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On 8/22/2021 at 6:53 PM, Stellarshade said:

Ever wanted to tell people about your issues but didn't because you already did once and think that they'll think you are a whiny person who shouldn't be taken seriously? That's me.

UGHHH is this when it started?

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On 8/26/2021 at 2:09 AM, Stellarshade said:

My main OC's are:






Unnamed Mannequin



Argan's niece (temporary name Terranova)


Wow this has changed a lot

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