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Modiano Urania

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The fourth day is (Nothing Special)

Ishtar and Gallus...? worked together to kill Ourania

Astraion,Gallus...?, and Mel!!!! went hunting

There are 16 contestants left.


Gallus question mark what have you done 

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On 10/26/2022 at 6:10 PM, Modiano Ourania said:

Flicker and Deepfyre. Fernando and Helen's sons. Flicker is married to Toasty and formerly had a thing with Emma which resulted in Luxor and Arid who were taken in by Toasty as her own. He was born with rather large wings which never grew so they're really small now an she can't fly anymore. Deepfyre is just,,, a newborn.



Small more info

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Zombie apocalypse but the zombies aren't completely mindless they have just reverted to the most basic brain functions and when one of them is injured the others go "omg bestie you okay? 🥺" And try to care for them 😭And they form hordes because humans are social animals!

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