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8 hours ago, Modiano said:

Gallus has canonically read Empress Theresa. He almost got much needed therapy. That's the best thing to ever come out of that book.

If the author finds this we'll find out if there is a limit to pages very soon

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Run away, to show your disobey,

Leaving all behind,

Take with you just a single photo album,

These can be combined,

Photos of SCPs right in front of me, filters are not needed,

Take the selfie but don't blow your lead!

What's going on, why the anarchy?

Should I save myself or protect my family?

Get out of my way or I'll stop you all!

Detective stop!

This is last straw

Aaand I forgot the lyrics ahead

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Now that I think about it, only 3 of my main ocs have a set sexuality or romantic orientation

Gallus: Omnisexual

Marielle: Lesbian

Ereshkigal: Aromantic

The others just kinda do their thing

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