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Modiano Urania

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Frostfur is Whiteblanket but her kit name is Frost

Jayfeather is Garrolousfeather

For some reason it says Graypool died of old age

Blossomfall is Flowersfall

Runningbrook (i think?) is literally just Waterfall

Stonefur is Granite, just Granite

???? One-eye went from White-Eye to just Oak???? I dont think thats right

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Twibranch goes from Twig to Treebranch

Ashfoot is Cinerina (translates to Ashen i think)

Boulder is Rock

Loudbelly is Bellynoise

btw Ivy and Heather are both being translated as Erica

Sorreltail's name can apparently be translated as Shamrocktail as well as the original (i dont think ive ever seen the word acetosella before)

Birchfall is Birchtail

Whitewing's name is listed as either Candidwing or Bianchella (Whitey? idk) for some reason

Clawface is The Scarred

Deadfoot is The Lame (somehow even MORE ableist)

Crowfeather is Featheredcrow

Nightstar is called Darkstar (it also says his mother died when he was an apprentice and was raised by someone called "Whitenose" which is just not true???? Nightstar doesnt even have a mom canonically)

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Crookedstar goes from Storm to Crookedmouth to Shootingstar/Fallingstar

Tallstar is Comettail/star

Briarlight is Sparklight

Shellheart is Strongheart????

Brightheart is Lightheart

Raggedstar is Cutpelt/Cutstar

Shadepelt goes from Shadowpaw to Shadowedpelt

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Seedpelt (idk which one) is Wheatpelt

Tawnypelt is Raspberrypelt

Cinderfur is Lapillipelt

Cinderpelt is LAVAPELT

Mudfur is Swamppelt

Why is Stonepelt called an ex leader

Jaggedtooth is Chippedtooth

Apparently Sunstar goes from Sun to Sunset to Sunstar

Mosskit is Mossy or Musky (as in Musk Ox)

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Brindleface goes from Pushpin to Dotsnout

Runningnose is Leakynose (eww) (also why is there a link to a runningnose map)

Nightcloud is Nocturnalcloud

Ferncloud is Frondcloud (bracken and fern translate to the same word)

Leafpool is Waterleaf

Violetshine is Brightviolet

Tigerstar's kit name is Tigger, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP HE WAS NAMED TIGGER

Tigger PNG Image | Tigers | Pinterest | Tigger, Eeyore and Cartoon


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Dude my dog ran off and we couldn't find her she's back now but that j was really anxious man don't pull a disappearing act especially while it's about to rain 😭😭😭

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  • Modiano Urania changed the title to Mod's Homethread- Land of ✨ Waaaaaaaa ✨

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