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3 hours ago, BirbMonstwo said:



Also if the plural of goose is geese then why is the plural of moose not ‘meese’? English is weird

First rule of English: if you think something is meant to work that way, it doesn't work that way

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2 minutes ago, Modiano Urania said:


how do i make the pen smaller?

how do i remove color outside of the lineart?

making the pen smaller: image.png.4f3d414e770333f812793b69299e9096.png (you can probably guess what size and opacity do) it should be at the top of the screen. the button on the left can be used to restore the default settings


removing color outside of lineart: you can select the area outside the lineart with the wand tool (image.png.8071d0b8bfdb42887534b358b1dab561.png) and delete any color there.


please let me know if i didn't explain something well enough

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