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"Nimbatus: 1 year anniversary" Drone Building Contest


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Hello everyone!


It's been 1 Year since Nimbatus was fully released on Steam (May 2020)! Thank you to everyone who supported us and played Nimbatus. To celebrate this occasion, we start a new contest with the topic "1 year anniversary"! You are free to interpret this topic however you want, we just want everyone to have fun and celebrate this moment.

If you don't own Nimbatus yet: Our biggest discount yet is coming up later this week!

As a small reminder: If you have liked playing Nimbatus and want to further support us, please write a review on Steam and let us know why you liked it ❤️ !

You have time until Tuesday, the 25th of May 2021. Winners will receive 1 of 3 Steam keys for a game of their choice (Nimbatus, Niche or Retimed). You can make a gif with the full version of Nimbatus or with the free Nimbatus Drone Creator.

To enter the contest, post a gif before the deadline here in this thread, in our Discord or via Twitter with the Hashtag #Nimbatus1year.

Hint: You can press F9 to create a gif directly ingame (from the last 10s of gameplay). But of course you can also record with any other screen recording tool, as long as you enter a proper gif.

Winners will be selected by a jury and the winning gifs shared on our social media platforms.

Thanks again everyone, good luck and let's have fun 🥳🍰🎉


Stray Fawn Studio



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Hi everyone!

Our contest has ended and we are happy to announce these 3 winners from our Discord Community: !true, LividAF and skipydog. These fabulous people have been awarded a Steam key (from either Nimbatus, Niche or Retimed). Congratulations! 🎉








Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us all these years. We'll inform you here and on Discord when we'll launch the next steam key giveaway.

Until then: Happy engineering!


Stray Fawn Studio

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