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dragon tamer


If we can add something like a building paw, maybe we can build tunnels like burrows. Maybe add stone supplies so we can also build stuff like caves. We should also add lots of different supplies that different creatures can use and collect to build different things.

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Not related to the suggestion, but you can edit the main post (click the … in the top right corner and choose 'edit') and add in your new ideas instead of posting them in the replies. That makes it much easier to understand :)

4 hours ago, dragon tamer said:

armour, weapons, tools

I think that's a bit too advanced for Nichelings. They're just normal animals; as smart as primates like orangutans or whatever at the most. Those animals can use minor tools but not armour or weapons! (As far as I know)

5 hours ago, dragon tamer said:

beaver tail making a dam

Beavers use their teeth to build dams. Just because a body part resembles one on a beaver doesn't mean it can be used for that purpose! If our nichelings were to make dams, they would need a beaver snout, not beaver tail. :)

On 5/23/2021 at 5:35 AM, dragon tamer said:

Maybe add stone supplies so we can also build stuff like caves

The same as I said on armour and weapons; I don't think any animal, no matter their intelligence, could realistically carve out, break, or build with stone. Especially not entire caves! Still a nice idea though.

Sorry if I come off as rude here, I'm just giving critisicm on what I think could be improved in this suggestion. Other then those few things, I enjoy the idea of building, especially tunnels!

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Also maybe each creature collects there own things and builds their own things instead of each item being shared. The creature's would need to stand next to each other to give items. (it won't take any movement points to give stuff)

They can also craft armour, weapons, tools, seeds and more!

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