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The heart of the clans warriors roleplay HOLLOWCLAN


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Nectarstar - quick, long-legged, dark-brown colored pelt cat with light-green eyes (Me)



Maplestripe - demanding, brawny, calico mink tom with light-blue eyes

Medicine Cat:


Mushroomwatcher - loving, small, fawn abyssinian tabby cat with orange eyes



Quietskip - impulsive, limber, light-brown marbled tabby tom with yellow eyes


Bouncebright - pessimistic, delicate, apricot thick striped cat with sky-blue eyes


Fallingsnout - fearless, nimble, tortie leopard spotted cat with dark-blue eyes


Beetlestorm - logical, slender, blue cream calico thick striped tom with copper eyes


Rockleg - melodramatic, lanky, calico lynx point cat with light-green eyes

Apprentice, Shimmerpaw 


Crocuspuddle - uncooperative, stout, black lynx point tom with amber eyes


Mistyfur - loving, frail, chocolate tortie mackerel tabby tom with turquoise eyes

Apprentice, Specklepaw


Creekshade - timid, willowy, fawn leopard spotted cat with gold eyes


Crookedleap - jumpy, stout, caramel point cat with dark-green eyes


Buckrunner - lovable, powerful, black lynx point tom with green eyes



Shimmerpaw - adaptable, large, chocolate mackerel tabby tom with yellow eyes


Specklepaw - polite, stout, chocolate dappled cat with green eyes



Kestrelstream - dedicated, lithe, caramel colored pelt cat with gold eyes


Wildtree - careful, muscular, dark-ginger dappled cat with turquoise eyes


Mosstail - spontaneous, broad-shouldered, dark-grey marbled tabby cat with green eyes



Pouncekit - tiny, tortie leopard spotted tom with green eyes (Me) 


Brightkit - sickly, apricot colored pelt tom with orange eyes



Mottleseed - once-pretty, dark-ginger dappled cat with gold eyes


Frostpounce - old, fawn marbled tabby cat with yellow eyes


Whistleleg - graying, reddish-brown dappled cat with gold eyes

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