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Ideas for if the game does well


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Here are a couple of fun little things I thought about. Feel free to share your own ideas or suggest ways to improve mine.


The first one is pretty simple: More interactivity

Basically just more things to do on the nest areas.

-an oak tree that works the same way as the berry bush (you can shake it by tapping it and the acorns fall off)

-plants that shake when you touch them

-little bugs or other critters that fly or run away when you poke them


The other two are mini games. The first is a bit simpler, while the second could be a bit hard to implement.

The first idea is that you have to fend off rabbils from berry bushes or alternatively dodomingos from nests. Basically whack a mole with moving targets. When you run out of berries (or all the nests are occupied) you get scored by the amount of intruders you managed to keep away


The other minigame idea I have would be a lot harder to implement. It's "boss battles" for each biome so in the grasslands you would have a bearyena, in the savannah you'd have whatever the predator there is called and in the snow biome you'd have a balance bear. The battle itself would take place on a small grid consisting of hexagons similiar to the main game. The predator would spawn in the middle and three nichelings of your choise would spawn on the tiles around it. Every nicheling as well as the predator has a health bar. When a nicheling's health reaches 0, it's out of the battle and will get the bleeding effect. The nichelings would have different options like move, attack and heal (for nichelings with purrsnout). There is an infinite amount of moves, but every three moves you make the boss gets to make a move as well. If all of your nichelings are out, you loose. If you defeat the enemy, you win and are rewarded with a mutagen.


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