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starting this bc i just got krita and y'all need to see this ENA i did

(unshaded version + shaded version)

upload failed first time so there might be a dupe

ENA doodle (first Krita drawing).png

ENA doodle (first Krita drawing) shaded.png

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im so sorry for this cursed creation but it was suggested and i really wanted to draw catgirl ENA and Moony

anyway, maid.

this was part 5 and i missed one whoops

catgirl saga 5.png

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ey, new catmaid ena just dropped.

a few small changes to her clothes, too.

  1. actual headwear now
  2. leggings instead of socks
  3. blue side shoe is now long boot cuz that's just how i see her regular outfit's blue side leg

anyway, she's here with your drink order. she spilled it slightly and is now extremely sorry about it and won't stop apologizing.

catmaid ena 1.png

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nicheling ena 

medium ears, medium body, short snout, medium tail, normal hind legs, normal eyesight, nimble fingers/runner leg, just pretty average genes. 

i was originally gonna give her a mane on the yellow side. 

plus the markings are based off her hair + clothes, of course.

nicheling ena 1.png

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Posted (edited)
On 6/19/2021 at 4:54 PM, gamingcookie said:

THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /POS

actually my gf is a she/he

edit: ok so aparently they actually ARE ok with they/them

Edited by RubyDreams
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