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~Ruby's Art Dump~


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precious nicheling mom and her beareyna beloved.

also the albino nicheling shown here is supposed to be a portal 2 turret.

yes she actually exists on one of my niche saves, and yes, sadly, her beareyna beloved is actually dead.

they had like 10 or so kids tho.

portal 2 niche 4.png

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woah, Basil art dump.

plus her color pallete if y'all wanna draw her. (middle is base color, top is highlights, bottom is shadows)

context for some of her actions: she was wandering aperture science for several years, completely alone, and now has attachment issues because of it.

she sees being picked up as a sign of affection.


basil 1.png

basil 3.png

basil 4.png

basil 5.png



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