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14 hours ago, __________________________ said:

Bone followed a little later, going to Blaze, who was still sitting next to the kill-pile.

You saw Blaze growl at Bone, but you weren't close enough to listen.

Storm approached.

He sat down and looked at his mentor

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On 6/17/2021 at 3:15 PM, __________________________ said:

"Good, because we have a long journey ahead of us." Storm said, turning and going towards the entrance of camp, his ears flicked to let you know that you should follow.

Lynx followed after his mentor

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2 minutes ago, __________________________ said:

You caught a close scent of mouse, and a faint scent of squirrel. You though you could smell a flock of birds not to far off, but it was just a stale scent.

The strongest scent was coming from the Moths, you were close to the border after all.

Lynx said, "i smell the Moths scent, we're near their border"

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