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'Wonder lust' a fox sim rp


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Just now, __________________________ said:

Favorite type of chocolate?(If you like chocolate, and id you can have it))

She went up to them, still unsure.

(Milk chocolate)


One fox was sitting down and licked herself, she wasn't very talkative, maybe mute 

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1 minute ago, __________________________ said:

Oof- Well, what do you like to do in your free time?)

She looked around.

(Drawing, playing piano, reading, rping, listening to music) 

You spot a couple of moss bunched in a ball 


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10 minutes ago, __________________________ said:

I like that movie, though I wouldn't say it's my favorite. Do you like Horror/Thriller movies?)

She didn't see anything fun. She looked back to the kits.


The kits were playing with leaves now 

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