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Niche - Breed and Evolve release announcement


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Hey pack!

We have exciting news: Our very first mobile game ‘Niche - Breed and Evolve’ will finally be released this Wednesday on June 23rd, after working on it on and off over the past two years :)

Niche - Breed and Evolve is a new, relaxing game which focuses more on breeding, exploring new islands and collecting genes, rather than survival. Now you can also form a bond with your Nichelings ❤️

The game will be available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. It’s a premium game and will cost $2.99.

You can already pre-register (Android) or pre-order (iOS) the game now!

Pre-register now on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strayfawnstudio.NicheBreedAndEvolve&g

Pre-order now on iOS:




We want to thank everyone who helped us as a @NicheMobileTester or gave us feedback otherwise. We were able to greatly improve Niche - Breed and Evolve because of you guys!

It would be awesome if you could support us once again by spreading the word and/or getting the game during launch week ❣️

Stay tuned for Wednesday :D

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1 hour ago, Zixvir said:

not what I asked but ok.


19 hours ago, Zixvir said:

has there been any fun bugs that didn't need to be fixed yet?


7 hours ago, inmiu said:

@Zixvir I'm sure we haven't found all bugs, plus many more will appear once it's released xD


I think he ment any bugs that were funny-

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